Is Wi-Fi bad for your health?

Wi-Fi waves, used to transmit internet to various mobile devices such as cell phones or notebooks, do not present any health risk, even during childhood or pregnancy.

This is because the type of waves used is of very low intensity, being up to 100 thousand times weaker than the waves of a microwave, which also do not harm health. In addition, most routers are more than a meter from the user, which reduces the original intensity by more than half.

Thus, and according to the WHO, the normal use of wi-fi waves is not capable of causing any type of alteration in the DNA of cells and, therefore, also does not lead to the development of mutations that can cause cancer in adults or problems with development in children.

Types of radiation that harm health

Electromagnetic waves capable of altering cells and impairing health are those that have a wavelength shorter than that of visible light, which includes radiation from the sun, known as UV waves and X-rays, for example. Usually, prolonged and unprotected exposure to this type of radiation can lead to cancer.

However, all other types of radiation that have a longer wavelength, such as infrared, microwaves or radio waves are unable to alter cells and are therefore safe for health.

Within this scale, wi-fi waves have a longer wavelength than lightning waves, which makes them even safer than all others.

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How to protect yourself from wifi waves

Although wi-fi does not harm health, there are some people who are sensitive to all types of electromagnetic waves, developing symptoms such as nausea, excessive tiredness, headache or blurred vision.

In these cases, to reduce exposure to wi-fi radiation, you must:

  • Stay more than one meter from the router, so that the signal strength reduces to less than half;
  • Avoid using, on your lap, devices connected to wi-fi, especially the notebook;
  • Use the notebook on a table to increase the distance with the body.

However, in situations where wi-fi does not cause any symptoms, these precautions are not necessary, especially since the use of the cell phone for 20 minutes in call mode transmits more radiation than 1 year of using wi-fi and, even so, it poses no health risks.