How to be able to speak more slowly

Some people speak too fast, which may be due to their personality, day-to-day running, nervousness or anxiety, for example. Usually those who speak too fast do not utter the words in their entirety, failing to pronounce some syllables and amending one word in the other, which can make it difficult for others to understand.

When rapid speech is associated with personality, it is difficult for the person to change, however there are some tips and exercises that can be done to help the person speak more slowly, slowly and more clearly, facilitating understanding.

How to speak slowly

Talking too fast is common when the person feels nervous or anxious for some reason, such as presenting a job, for example. Some ways to speak more slowly and relieve nervousness are:

  • Speak more clearly, paying attention to each word spoken and trying to speak syllable by syllable;
  • Try to speak with pauses, as if reading a text, stopping a little after speaking a sentence, for example;
  • Breathe when you are talking;
  • Practice relaxation techniques, especially if the reason for talking too fast is nervousness;
  • When speaking to an audience, read your speech out loud and record your voice, so that later you will notice the speed with which you are speaking and check the need to take breaks, for example;
  • Exaggerate your mouth movements when speaking, this allows all syllables to be pronounced clearly and slowly.

Usually people who talk too fast tend to be touching or picking up on other people during the conversation and projecting their bodies forward. So one of the ways to speak more slowly is to pay attention to behavior when talking to other people, avoiding touching too much, for example. Also learn how to speak in public.