10 Health Benefits of Massage

Massage is an exchange of energies in which through techniques of sliding, friction and kneading, the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and energetic system is worked causing the body and mind to relax, fighting physical and mental fatigue.

Its benefits can still be observed during the massage, but when the person creates the habit of receiving a massage at least once a week, it is possible to highlight all the benefits that this type of treatment brings to health.

Main benefits of massage

The benefits of massage, in addition to relaxing the body and feeling of well-being, include:

  1. Stress control;
  2. Decreased anxiety;
  3. Relief from muscle tension and pain;
  4. Improved blood circulation, skin elasticity and immune system;
  5. Decreased blood pressure in the case of hypertensive patients;
  6. Headache relief;
  7. Decreased tiredness;
  8. Stimulation and balance of the intestinal system;
  9. Elimination of toxins and metabolic wastes;
  10. Reduction of insomnia.

Many clinics, beauty centers and spas offer this type of treatment, but the knowledge of the technique by the professional who will apply the massage is essential for obtaining the results, balancing the energy and vitality of the body, and for that reason one must try to perform the massage in an appropriate place with a good therapist.