What is hiccup and why do we hiccup

The hiccup is an involuntary reflex that causes quick and sudden inspirations and usually happens after eating too much or too fast, as the dilation of the stomach irritates the diaphragm, which is just above, causing it to contract repeatedly.

Since the diaphragm is one of the main muscles used in breathing, whenever a person contracts, he takes an involuntary and sudden inspiration, causing the hiccups.

However, hiccups can also arise due to an imbalance in the transmission of nerve signals from the brain, which is why it can happen during situations of a lot of emotional stress or during sudden changes in temperature, for example.

Know the main causes of hiccups.

When it can be worrying

Although hiccups are almost always harmless and go away on their own, there are situations in which they can indicate a health problem. Thus, it is important to consult a doctor if the hiccups:

  • It takes more than 2 days to disappear;
  • They cause difficulty to fall asleep;
  • They make speech difficult or cause excessive tiredness.

In these cases, hiccups may be caused by changes in the functioning of the brain or some organ in the thoracic region, such as the liver or stomach, and therefore it is important to have tests to find out the origin and start the appropriate treatment.

To try to stop the hiccups, you can drink a glass of ice water, hold your breath and even start a fright. However, one of the best ways is to breathe into a paper bag. See other natural and quick ways to end discomfort.