Stuffed health recipes

5 recipes for hibiscus suchá to lose weight

These five hibiscus suchá recipes are easy to prepare and are a great choice to help you lose weight. Hibiscus is a great diuretic but its taste is not pleasant for most people so when mixing with

4 juices to lose belly

There are foods that can be used to prepare tasty juices that help you lose weight, lose belly, decrease bloating, because they are diuretics and also decrease appetite. These juices can be

Fruit juice to soothe

Two good juices to soothe are passion fruit juice with honey and grapefruit and kiwi juice because these foods have soothing properties and nutrients that help to reduce nervousness, anxiety and

6 slimming detox juices with kale

Cabbage juice is an excellent home remedy for weight loss because it improves bowel function, since cabbage is a natural laxative and also has properties that detoxify the body, thus favoring

How to make cereal bar at home

Making a cereal bar at home is a good option to eat a healthier snack at school, at work or even when you are leaving the gym. The cereal bars that are sold in supermarkets contain dyes and

Diabetes diet cake recipe

Diabetes cakes should ideally not contain refined sugar, as it is easily absorbed and leads to spikes in blood sugar, which aggravates the disease and makes treatment difficult. In addition, this

White Bean Flour reduces cholesterol and slims

White bean flour helps to reduce cholesterol and to lose weight because it is rich in phaseolamine, a protein that slows down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in the intestine, which

How to prepare antioxidant juices

Antioxidant juices, if ingested frequently, contribute to maintaining a healthy body, since they are great at fighting free radicals, preventing diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases

3 best diuretic juices with Pineapple

Pineapple is an excellent homemade diuretic, which facilitates digestion and is an excellent antioxidant, eliminating all toxins and impurities from the organisms. The pineapple, besides being

10 Citrus Juice Recipes

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, being great for promoting health and preventing diseases, because they strengthen the immune system, leaving the body more protected from attacks by viruses

Chocolate mousse recipe for diabetics

This recipe for chocolate and avocado mousse, besides being easy to make, is a great dessert option for diabetics, as it has no sugar or saturated fats. In addition, this chocolate and

Stroganoff recipe with green banana biomass

The stroganoff with green banana biomass is a great recipe for those who want to lose weight, because it has few calories, helps to decrease appetite and the desire to eat sweets. Each

Grape juice to lower cholesterol

Grape juice to lower cholesterol is a great home remedy because the grape has a substance called resveratrol, which helps in reducing bad cholesterol and is a potent antioxidant. Resveratrol

Best Juices for Diabetes

The use of juices must be done with great care by those who have diabetes, as they usually contain very high levels of sugar, such as orange juice or grape juice, for example, which for this

5 Pineapple Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

Pineapple juice is good for weight loss because it is rich in fibers that help to decrease appetite and facilitate bowel function by reducing constipation and bloating in the belly. In

Salad recipe with vegetables to lose weight

This vegetable salad recipe with sprouts of wheat is good for weight loss because it has few calories and fibers that decrease appetite. Ingredients: 200 g of sliced small

Carrot juice for hair to grow faster

Carrot juice with yogurt is a great home remedy to help hair grow faster, as carrots are rich in vitamin A and the yogurt present in this juice is rich in proteins, nutrients needed to help form

Strawberry shake recipe to lose weight

Shakes are good options for losing weight, but they should only be taken up to 2 times a day, because they cannot replace the main meals because they do not contain all the necessary nutrients for

Pasta Salad Recipe for Diabetes

This pasta salad recipe is good for diabetes, as it takes whole pasta, tomatoes, peas and broccoli, which are low glycemic index foods and, therefore, help control blood sugar. Low glycemic

Gluten-free cake recipe

This recipe for gluten-free apple cake is an excellent option for those who cannot eat gluten or for those who want to reduce the consumption of gluten in their diet. This apple cake is also a

Dukan breakfast recipe

For breakfast Dukan can be used foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, ham, egg or gelatin, which are rich in proteins. The fruit can be part of the breakfast of the Dukan diet, but only from the 3rd

Light fruit salad for weight loss

This fruit salad has fewer calories than it usually does because it is made with low-calorie fruits and lots of fiber and water and that is why it is great for weight loss. The fruits

Dukan diet cheesecake recipe

This cheesecake recipe is a delicious, low-calorie recipe for those on the Dukan diet, or even any other type of calorie restriction to lose weight. It is a very tasty dessert rich in protein and

Dukan pancake recipe

For those who have adopted this type of diet to lose weight, this Dukan pancake recipe can be used in the 2nd phase of the diet while carbohydrates are still prohibited. The best fillings

Dukan Bread Recipe

This recipe for Dukan bread is a recipe with low carbohydrate and, therefore, can be used in the 3rd phase of the Dukan diet because in this phase of the diet you start to introduce foods with

Gluten-free bread recipe

This recipe for gluten-free bread is simple to make and although the bread does not look like wheat bread it is an excellent alternative for those who cannot eat gluten, as is the case of those

Cabbage detoxifying juice

This kale juice is a great home remedy to detoxify the body, because kale contains fiber and lots of water, as well as flavonoids and other antioxidants that make the skin more beautiful by

Avocado smoothie for smooth skin

Avocado vitamin is an excellent natural way to have smooth skin as avocado is rich in vitamins and natural oils that deeply moisturize the skin and prevent the oxidizing effect of free

Passion fruit juice to lose weight

This passion fruit juice is an excellent home remedy for weight loss because it is made with the flour of the passion fruit peel which is its main ingredient. This part of the fruit is rich in

Iron-rich recipes to fight Anemia

See how to prepare 5 recipes rich in iron to beat iron deficiency anemia, common in children, pregnant women and the elderly. Foods that contain more iron are dark in color, with beans,

Vegetable pie recipe for diabetes

The vegetable oat pie recipe is a great lunch or dinner option for diabetics because it contains high fiber ingredients that help control blood glucose, such as oats, whole wheat flour and

Tapioca recipes to loosen the gut

This tapioca recipe is good for releasing the intestine because it has flax seeds that help to increase the fecal cake, facilitating the expulsion of feces and reducing constipation. In

Watercress juice to have a good memory

Watercress juice is a great home remedy to have a good memory, since its leaves are rich in vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which in addition to stimulating brain activity prevents memory

Peach juice to improve bowel function

Peach juice to improve the functioning of the intestines is an excellent home remedy because this fruit is rich in fibers that stimulate the lazy intestine. Peach Juice Recipe to Improve

Eggplant juice for cholesterol

Eggplant juice is an excellent home remedy for high cholesterol, which serves to lower your values ​​naturally. Eggplant contains a high content of antioxidant substances, especially in the

Oatmeal porridge recipe for diabetes

This oatmeal recipe is an excellent option for breakfast or afternoon snack for diabetics because it has no sugar and takes oats which is a cereal with a low glycemic index and, therefore, helps

Recipe for baked fish to fight cholesterol

A great nutritious and functional recipe for those with high cholesterol is the baked fish with apple on a sheet of parchment paper. In addition to being an exquisite meal that combines with diets

Yacon potato juice for diabetes

Yacon potato juice is good for diabetes because the food has fructooligosaccharides and inulin, substances that are not digested by the digestive tract, having the same effect as fibers.

Mushroom Salad for Weight Loss

This mushroom salad that can replace dinner is very tasty and excellent for those who want to lose weight fast because the mushrooms are low in calories and low in fat, but have a lot of fiber,

Healthy pizza recipe

This healthy pizza recipe has about 100 calories per slice and is an excellent option for those who like pizza, but do not want it to be very high in fat and also do not want to eat a lot of

Pancake recipe with amaranth for diabetes

This pancake recipe with amaranth is an excellent breakfast option for diabetes because amaranth helps prevent excess blood sugar and can help prevent complications of excess blood sugar. Thus,

Diet Easter Egg Recipe

This recipe for diet easter egg is a good option for diabetics, because it is prepared with diet chocolate and oats, which help to control insulin. In addition, it is stuffed with tangerine, which

Diabetes dessert recipe

This dessert recipe is good for diabetes because it has no sugar and has pineapple, which is a fruit recommended in diabetes because it is low in carbohydrates. In addition, the recipe has

Cholesterol Chocolate Cake Recipe

This recipe for dark chocolate cake can be an option for those who like chocolate and have high cholesterol, because it does not have foods with cholesterol, such as eggs, for example. In

Tamarind sweet recipe to loosen the gut

This easy-to-make recipe for tamarind jam can be used on toast, bread or whole grain crackers. Its large amount of fibers makes this sweet an excellent help for those who need to treat

Juice for lunch

When lunch time is a short break, you need to choose what you eat well to maintain fitness and health. Grapefruit vitamin is a great substitute for lunch because in addition to killing hunger, it

Orange juice with lettuce to soothe

Lettuce juice to soothe is an excellent home remedy, as this vegetable has sedative properties that calm the nerves and reduce tension. Lettuce juice recipe to

Lemon sauce recipe to help you lose weight

This recipe for lemon sauce is a good option to season foods in the diet phase to lose weight, gives a better flavor to cooked vegetables and without fatty sauces that are usually imposed in

Soy pancake to gain muscle mass

This soy pancake serves to gain muscle mass because soy is an excellent source of lean protein that facilitates muscle hypertrophy without increasing fat intake. This recipe, which has

Recipe for constipation plum cake

The plum cake recipe helps in constipation because the plum is a fruit with laxative properties, which facilitate the formation of feces, helping in its elimination. Fibers are essential for

Vitamin recipe for stuck intestine

This vitamin recipe for the stuck intestine is good because it has milk kefir, which is a drink with probiotics, which balance the intestinal flora, improving the functioning of the intestine and

Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

This gluten-free pizza recipe is an excellent option for anyone looking to eliminate or reduce gluten intake from the diet. This pizza is easy and quick to make and is a nutritious and

Lasagna light recipe for weight loss

This lasagna recipe, in addition to being very practical, simple and delicious, has 35% fewer calories than most traditional lasagna, totaling just 2900 calories, 1500 calories less than the

Recipe for whole grain bread for diabetics

This brown bread recipe is good for diabetes because it has no added sugar and uses whole grain flour to help control the glycemic index. Bread is a food that can be consumed in diabetes but

Recipe for brown rice for diabetes

This brown rice recipe is great for those who want to lose weight or have diabetes or pre-diabetes because it is whole and contains seeds that make this rice an accompaniment to meals, having a