Sleep Disorders

6 teas to fight insomnia and sleep better

Chamomile, valerian and lemon balm teas are excellent for fighting insomnia and sleeping better, as they have calming properties that help relax your muscles and mind. Usually these

What is REM sleep and how important is it

REM sleep is a phase of deep sleep that is characterized by rapid eye movements, vivid dreams, involuntary muscle movements, intense brain activity, breathing and faster heart rate that guarantee

Sleep cycle: what phases and how they work

The sleep cycle is a set of phases that start from the moment the person falls asleep and progress and become deeper and deeper, until the body goes into REM sleep. Normally, REM sleep is

How to schedule a good night's sleep

To schedule a good night's sleep, one should calculate the sleep time by means of small cycles of 90 minutes, and the person must wake up as soon as the last cycle is over. Thus, it is possible to

6 strange things that can happen during sleep

In most cases, sleep is a calm and continuous period in which you only wake up in the morning, with the feeling of being relaxed and energized for the new day. However, there are minor

How many hours should you sleep

Some of the factors that make sleep difficult or prevent quality sleep are the intake of stimulating or energetic drinks, the consumption of heavy foods before bed, the realization of intense

10 sleepy foods

Most foods that make you sleepy and keep you awake are rich in caffeine, which is a natural stimulant of the Central Nervous System, which causes psychic stimuli by increasing the availability of

Sleep apnea: what it is, symptoms and main types

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes a momentary pause in breathing or very shallow breathing during sleep, resulting in snoring and a little relaxing rest that does not allow you to recover your

6 benefits of sleeping naked

Sleeping is one of the most important daily activities for maintaining health, not only to restore energy levels, but also to regulate various bodily functions, such as eliminating toxins or

Too much sleep: what can be and what to do

Excessive sleep during the day can be caused by several factors, the most common being sleeping poorly or poorly at night or working in shifts, which can be circumvented with good sleep

Insomnia: main causes and what to do

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, and may appear sporadically or be frequent. This situation is more common in periods of stress, and can also

6 benefits of sleeping well

Sleeping well helps to strengthen the body's ability to fight infections, helping to stay healthy, because during sleep the body produces extra proteins that help the immune system to become

What is Hypersomnia and How to Treat It

Idiopathic hypersomnia is a rare sleep disorder that can be of 2 types: Idiopathic hypersomnia of prolonged sleep, where the person can sleep more than 24 hours in a

Is it normal for the baby to snore?

It is not normal for the baby to make any noise when breathing when he is awake or asleep or for snoring, it is important to consult the pediatrician, if the snoring is strong and constant, so

What is CPAP, what is it for and how to use it

CPAP is a device that is used during sleep to try to reduce the occurrence of sleep apnea, preventing snoring at night, and improving the feeling of tiredness during the day. This device

Narcolepsy: what it is, symptoms and treatment

Narcolepsy is a chronic disease characterized by sleep disorders, in which the person experiences excessive sleepiness during the day and is able to sleep soundly at any time, including during a

What is Jet Lag, Symptoms and How to Fight

Jet lag, also called desynchronization, is a situation that occurs when there is a dysregulation between biological and environmental rhythms, and is often noticed after a trip to a place that has

What is and how to do good sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene consists of adopting a set of good behaviors, routines and environmental conditions related to sleep, which enable better quality and duration of sleep. Practicing good sleep

What is Parasonia and how is the treatment done

Parasomnias are sleep disorders that are characterized by abnormal psychological experiences, behaviors or events, which can occur in various phases of sleep, during the transition between

Sleepwalking: what it is, signs and why it happens

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that occurs during the deepest phase of sleep. The person who is sleepwalking may seem to be awake because he moves and has his eyes open, however, he remains

Treatment options for sleep apnea

Treatment for sleep apnea is usually started with minor lifestyle changes based on the possible cause of the problem. Therefore, when apnea is caused by being overweight, for example, it is

Polyphasic sleep: what types and how to do it

Polyphasic sleep is an alternative sleep pattern in which sleep time is divided by several naps of about 20 minutes throughout the day, reducing the rest time to 2 hours a day, without causing

How to fight insomnia in old age to sleep better

Insomnia in the elderly, characterized by difficulty in initiating sleep or staying asleep, is common from the age of 65, but can be mitigated with simple measures, use of insomnia teas, calming

10 tips to prevent drowsiness

Some people have habits that can reduce the quality of sleep during the night, cause difficulty falling asleep and make them sleep a lot during the day. The following list suggests 10 tips

How to Stop Snoring and Have a Silent Night

Two simple strategies to stop snoring are to always sleep on your side or on your stomach and use anti-snoring patches on your nose, because they facilitate breathing, naturally reducing

What is the circadian cycle

The human body is regulated by an internal biological clock in its day-to-day activities, as is the case with feeding times and waking and sleeping times. This process is called the circadian

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation for the Body

Sleep is essential for the body, as it is at this time that several important reactions take place, such as the regulation of endocrine functions, restoration of energy and brain metabolism,

Because the teenager has excess sleep

During adolescence it is normal for sleep patterns to be altered and, therefore, it is very common for the adolescent to appear to have excessive sleep, feeling very difficult to wake up in the

Best sleeping remedies: natural and pharmacy

There are several treatment options for those who have difficulty sleeping, such as natural remedies such as valerian, passionflower or chamomile, non-prescription remedies like melatonin or

Nap after lunch improves concentration and memory

Taking a nap after lunch is a great way to replenish energy or relax, especially when you haven't been able to sleep well at night or live a very hectic lifestyle. The ideal is to take a nap