When to know if I'm already pregnant

To find out if you are pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test that you buy at the pharmacy, such as Confirme or Clear Blue, for example, from the first day of menstrual delay.

To do the pharmacy test you must wet the strip that comes in the package in the first morning urine and wait about 2 minutes to see the result, which can be positive or negative.

If the result is negative, the test should be repeated 3 days later. This care is important because the pharmacy test measures the amount of the Beta HCG hormone in the urine, and as the amount of this hormone doubles each day, it is safer to repeat the test a few days later. Although this test is reliable, it is recommended to also do the pregnancy test in a laboratory to confirm the pregnancy.

Find out more about the pharmacy test at: Home pregnancy test.

Laboratory pregnancy test

The laboratory pregnancy test is more sensitive and is the best test to confirm pregnancy, as it detects the exact amount of Beta HCG in the blood. This test can also indicate how many weeks the woman is pregnant because the test result is quantitative. Find out more about the lab's pregnancy test at: Pregnancy test.

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