What is and how the abortion vaccine works

The abortion vaccine is a type of treatment for women who wish to have children but who have had more than 2 abortions in a row within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and who have no health problems, such as polycystic ovaries or thyroid disease, which justify the various involuntary terminations of pregnancy.

Generally, this type of abortion is caused by a response of the woman's immune system that reacts to the baby as if it were a foreign body that must be eliminated, as it contains cells from the father, which are foreign to the mother's body, leading to abortion without apparent cause.

How the vaccine works

The woman receives a vaccine made with the father's white blood cells so that her defense cells stop identifying the father's cells as a foreign substance during pregnancy, thus preventing the baby from being treated as if it were a body. disease or a disease that must be combated, decreasing the risk of miscarriage.

The vaccine must be prepared, in the laboratory, specifically for each couple, as it is necessary to remove about 80 ml of paternal blood to obtain the white cells, which are then mixed in saline and injected into the future mother.

For the results to be more positive, 2 doses of this vaccine must be made before trying to conceive and, afterwards, it is important to have a blood test in which the obstetrician is able to assess whether the woman's body still reacts to the cells of the father of negatively or if she can try to get pregnant again.

How the vaccine can decrease the risk of miscarriage

Most of the time, the pregnant woman's body is able to ignore the immune system's warning against the "foreign body" that is actually the baby, producing HLA-G, a substance that prevents the process of eliminating the fetus and allows that the pregnancy develops normally.

However, some women may find it difficult to produce HLA-G and so the immune system continues to try to protect the mother's body by attacking the baby to eliminate it from the uterus. This all happens because the human body is programmed to eliminate any foreign substance, in order to protect itself against flu, colds and other diseases.

Thus, this type of vaccine can be a good form of treatment to decrease the risk of miscarriage in women who lose their babies repeatedly, without a justified diagnosis of infertility.