6 nutritious foods to breastfeed

    The 6 nutritious foods to breastfeed for being rich in calories, protein and water are:

    1. Figs and dried apricots are rich in iron and also very energetic;
    2. Bananas are rich in potassium and, therefore, prevent swelling, typical of water retention;
    3. Cheese and milk, even those skimmed, will help restore calcium levels;
    4. Cereals, a good source of energy, B vitamins and iron;
    5. Sunflower seeds help to heal the spots because they are rich in Zinc;
    6. Orange, strawberry and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and help the body fight infections.

    Postpartum mother's feeding is very important for breastfeeding and also to prevent postpartum depression, very common in the first months of the baby's life due to wear and tear and hormonal changes. The use of teas while breastfeeding should also be done with care so as not to cause discomfort or cramps in the baby. Learn more at: teas you can't take while breastfeeding.

    The great secret of feeding to improve the volume of milk produced by the mother is to eat a balanced diet, plenty of water and, in addition, rest.

    The mother is the only person capable of knowing how much rest, water or energy foods are needed for the best milk production.

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