Dengue in pregnancy: main risks and treatment

Dengue in pregnancy is dangerous because it can interfere with blood clotting, which can cause the placenta to come off and result in an abortion or premature birth. However, if the pregnant woman

6 major breast changes in pregnancy

Breast care during pregnancy should be started as soon as the woman finds out she is pregnant and aims to reduce the pain and discomfort due to her growth, prepare the breast for breastfeeding and

Can pregnant eat pepper?

The pregnant woman can eat pepper without worry, because this spice is not harmful to the baby's development or to the pregnant woman. However, if the pregnant woman suffers from heartburn

Risks of childbirth in gestational diabetes

Pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes have a higher risk of suffering a premature birth, inducing labor and even losing the baby due to their excessive growth. However, these risks

How to relieve headache in pregnancy

Headache in pregnancy is more common during the first trimester of pregnancy, and can occur due to several causes, such as hormonal changes, tiredness, nasal congestion, low blood sugar levels,

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms and main types

Ectopic pregnancy is characterized by the implantation and development of the embryo outside the uterus, which can happen in the tubes, ovary, cervix, abdominal cavity or cervix. The appearance of

How to understand baby's language through crying

Newborn babies up to 3 months of age, do not know how to speak and have difficulty being understood and therefore the only form of auditory communication is crying. However, all babies of

7 best physical exercises to do in pregnancy

The best exercises to be practiced in pregnancy are walking or stretching, for example, as they help to reduce stress, combat anxiety and increase self-esteem. However, the practice of exercise in

Cesarean delivery: step by step and when indicated

Cesarean section is a type of delivery that consists of making a cut in the abdominal region, under anesthesia applied to the woman's spine, to remove the baby. This type of delivery can be

7 Ways to Accelerate Labor

To accelerate labor, some natural methods can be used, such as taking a 1-hour walk in the morning and in the afternoon, at a fast pace, or increasing the frequency of intimate contacts, as this

Positive pregnancy test: what to do?

When a pregnancy test is positive, the woman may be in doubt about the result and what to do. Therefore, it is important to know how to interpret the test well and, if so, make an appointment with

False positive pregnancy test: why it can happen

The pregnancy test can give a false positive result, however, this is a very rare situation that happens more frequently in pharmacy tests done at home, mainly due to errors when using it or

Safe remedies to relieve nausea in pregnancy

There are several remedies for seasickness in pregnancy, however, those that are not natural can only be used under the recommendation of the obstetrician, as many of them are not to be used

How to treat an allergy during pregnancy

Allergies are very common in pregnancy, especially in women who have previously suffered from allergic reactions. However, it is common for symptoms to get worse during this phase, due to the

Reflux in Pregnancy: Main Symptoms and Treatment

Reflux in pregnancy is mainly characterized by the symptom of heartburn, which starts at any time during pregnancy and worsens with the increase in the size of the baby. This problem appears due

What to do to treat migraine in pregnancy

The treatment of migraine in pregnancy can be done with changes in diet and the use of medications such as Paracetamol, which should be taken only according to medical advice. During the

Risks and complications of cesarean delivery

Cesarean delivery is more at risk than normal delivery, of bleeding, infection, thrombosis or respiratory problems for the baby, however, the pregnant woman should not worry, because the risk is

Pregnancy Laxative: when it's safe to use

The use of laxative in pregnancy can help relieve constipation and intestinal gas, but it should never be done without doctor's advice, as it may not be safe for the pregnant woman and the

When cravings arise in pregnancy

Pregnancy cravings are impulsive, almost uncontrollable urges to eat a food with a specific flavor or texture, or to combine foods that are not usually eaten together, manifesting more frequently

Stretching exercises in pregnancy

Stretching exercises are very beneficial in pregnancy, as they help to relieve back pain, increase blood circulation, decrease leg swelling, and are also useful in bringing more oxygen to the

4 signs you're in labor

The rhythmic contractions are the most important sign that the work has really started, while the rupture of the bag, the loss of the mucous plug and the dilation of the cervix are signs that the

10 foods that pregnant women should not eat

During pregnancy it is necessary to take special care with food, as various foods can impair the baby's development and the health of the pregnancy. In addition to toxic substances such as

Is taking medicine in pregnancy bad?

Taking medicine during pregnancy can, in most cases, harm the baby because some components of the medicine can cross the placenta, causing miscarriage or malformations, can induce uterine

Can pregnant go to the dentist?

During pregnancy it is very important that the woman goes to the dentist frequently, in order to maintain good oral health, since she is more susceptible to developing dental problems, such as

What to do to treat swollen feet and ankles

A great and simple home treatment to combat foot swelling is to alternately dip your feet in a basin with hot and cold water, as this increases local blood circulation and facilitates the return

How to Relieve Flu Symptoms in Pregnancy

The flu in pregnancy should be treated under the guidance of the doctor, with a recommendation for rest, consumption of plenty of fluids and a balanced and healthy diet in order to strengthen the

Pregnancy without symptoms: is it really possible?

Some women can become pregnant without noticing any symptoms, such as sensitive breasts, nausea or tiredness, even during the whole pregnancy, and may even continue to bleed and keep their belly

How to treat urinary tract infection in pregnancy

Treatment for urinary tract infection in pregnancy is usually done with antibiotics such as Cephalexin or Ampicillin, for example, prescribed by the obstetrician, for about 7 to 14 days, after the

Teas you can't take while breastfeeding

Some teas should not be taken during lactation because they can alter the taste of milk, impair breastfeeding or cause discomfort such as diarrhea, gas or irritation in the baby. In addition, some

How to prepare the breast to breastfeed

During pregnancy, the breasts naturally prepare for breastfeeding, since the development of the mammary ducts and the milk-producing cells takes place, in addition to greater blood supply at the

What to do when the bag breaks

When the amniotic fluid bag breaks, what you should do is not to panic, clean yourself, put on a night-time pad, call the doctor and go to the maternity ward, as everything indicates that the baby

Yoga exercises for pregnant women and benefits

Yoga exercises for pregnant women stretch and tone the muscles, relax the joints and increase the flexibility of the body, helping the pregnant woman to adapt to the physical changes that occur

How to prevent toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

In order not to catch toxoplasmosis during pregnancy it is important to choose to drink mineral water, eat well-done meat and eat vegetables and fruits well washed or cooked, in addition to avoid

What to do to relieve swollen feet in pregnancy

Having swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy is normal, and may start to swell at around 6 months of gestation, becoming more intense and uncomfortable especially at the end of pregnancy, when

What to do to get pregnant faster

To increase the fertility rate and facilitate pregnancy, some simple strategies can be adopted, such as investing in intimate contact, especially during the fertile period, eating foods that

Know when sex in pregnancy is prohibited

In most cases, sexual intercourse can be maintained during pregnancy without any risk to the baby or the pregnant woman, in addition to bringing several health benefits for the woman and the

What to do in pregnancy to not pass AIDS to the baby

The transmission of AIDS can happen during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding and therefore, what the HIV positive pregnant woman should do to avoid contamination of the baby includes taking the

Constipation in pregnancy: symptoms and how to treat

Constipation in pregnancy is a normal situation that happens due to the normal changes that happen in pregnancy and also favored by the growth of the belly and weight that the uterus exerts on the

Tips and remedies to combat heartburn in pregnancy

Heartburn in pregnancy is a common situation that can be easily alleviated through changes in eating habits, such as avoiding fried foods, foods rich in pepper or too spicy and avoiding drinking

Pregnancy Measles Symptoms and Treatment

Measles is very rare in pregnancy but it can happen in women who have not been vaccinated against measles and have been in contact with people infected with this disease. Although rare,

How To Ensure A Safe Air Travel During Pregnancy

To ensure calm and tranquility during the flight, it is advisable to avoid trips very close to the probable date of delivery and preferably choose an accent in the corridor, close to the bathroom

Chinese pregnancy table: does it really work?

The Chinese table to know the sex of the baby is a method based on Chinese astrology that, according to some beliefs, is capable of predicting the sex of the baby right from the first moment of

How to Treat Syphilis in Pregnancy

The treatment of syphilis during pregnancy is also done with penicillin and is important to avoid complications in the woman and to prevent the baby from being infected with the disease and having