What is horse foot and how is treatment

The equine foot is characterized by a malformation in the foot, which compromises flexibility in the ankle pain region, making it difficult to perform movements, namely to walk and the ability to flex the foot towards the front of the leg.

This problem can manifest itself in one foot or both, and leads the person to compensate for the imbalance by putting more weight on one foot or on the heel, walking on the tip of the foot or even articulating the knee or hip abnormally , which can lead to complications.

Treatment will depend on the cause and the degree of severity of the problem, and usually consists of physical therapy, use of orthopedic devices and, in some cases, surgery.

What causes

The equine foot can occur due to genetic factors, or due to the shortening of the calf muscle or a tension in the achilles tendon, which can be congenital or acquired. In some cases, the horse foot may also be related to cerebral palsy or myelomeningocele.

In addition, the horse foot can also appear in people who wear high heels, who have a shorter leg in relation to the other, who have suffered a trauma in the region, who have had their limb immobilized or who suffer from neurological problems.

Possible complications

Generally, people who have an equine foot tend to compensate for the imbalance they have between their two feet, placing more weight on one foot or on the heel, walking on the tip of the foot or even articulating the knee or hip in an abnormal way, and may lead to complications such as pain in the heel, cramps in the calf, inflammation of the Achilles tendon, flat foot, friction in the central region of the foot, the appearance of pressure ulcers under the heel, bunions and pain in the ankles and legs.

In addition, changes in posture and walking may also occur, which can cause back problems and back pain.

How the treatment is done

The treatment of equine foot will depend on its severity and the cause that gave rise to it, and it can be done with physiotherapy, use of orthopedic devices or other medical devices that assist in locomotion, in the repositioning of the foot or in reducing tension in the Achilles tendon .