Treatment for achilles tendon pain

To treat pain in the Achilles tendon, it is recommended to place a bag with ice pebbles in the painful area and rest, avoiding physical effort and reducing training.

Pain in the Achilles tendon can indicate a small inflammation, which can happen with some type of physical effort, such as running, walking or cycling, and it is not always serious. The pain can also happen due to the use of a shoe that presses this tendon, contusion in this place, the development of a spur in the heel or due to bursitis. Although it is less common, there are cases where the person reports not having had any type of effort that can justify the onset of pain.

Usually, this change is simple and does not last long, with symptoms regressing within 7-15 days of treatment. But if there are no signs of improvement with the following tips, seek medical help.

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Why does the tendon inflate?

The Achilles tendon inflames when subjected to greater effort than usual, and when the person is unable to get enough rest, it can cause a breakdown at the cellular level, which results from an incomplete healing response, which can also be related to less blood coming to the tendon. This causes small microscopic lesions in the tendon, including the deposition of fibrin and a disorganization of the collagen fibers that cause pain, inflammation and rigidity of movement.

The doctor may order an X-ray or ultrasound to assess the source of the pain and indicate the appropriate treatment. Surgery is very rarely indicated.