Physiotherapy for Achilles tendon rupture

    Physiotherapy can be started after the orthopedist is released, which usually happens about 3 weeks after surgery. At this stage, the person must still be immobilized, but techniques can be used to accelerate healing, such as ultrasound and massage to reorganize the tendon collagen fibers, preventing the formation of fibrosis points.

    After the orthopedist is released to remove the immobilization, stretching and strengthening exercises can definitely be started, which can happen between 6 and 8 weeks after surgery.

    Treatment should be divided into phases:

    While wearing a splint

    Some resources that can be used are Tens, Ultrasound, use of ice, massage and stretching exercises and passive mobilization to release all ankle movements, but still without placing the body weight entirely on the foot.

    After the treatment, the splint must be put back on and the person should still not fully put the body weight on the affected foot, using crutches to walk.

    After removal of the immobilization splint

    In addition to features like ice with tension, if you are still in pain, ultrasound and massage, you can start calf stretching exercises and active movement of the foot up and down in a sitting position. Grabbing marbles with your toes and wrinkling a towel also help to improve finger movement.

    In this phase, after the orthopedist releases the person, he can put his body weight on his foot and start using only 1 crutch to walk, serving only as a support.

    To start strengthening the muscles

    After removing the crutches and being able to put the weight completely on the feet, it is normal that there is still restricted movement in the ankle and the person feels insecure to return to their activities.

    In this phase, some exercises that can be indicated are placing a tennis ball under the foot and rolling under the soles of the feet, from front to back. Resistance exercises with elastic bands are also indicated.

    When the ankle movement allows, you can stay 20 minutes on the exercise bike, as long as it is pain free. Squat exercises, going up and down stairs can also be indicated.

    Each person recovers in a different way, so treatment can vary from person to person. Placing ice and doing ultrasound after exercise can be indicated to reduce pain and discomfort at the end of each session.