Orthopedic diseases

Home remedies and options to treat leg pain

Treatment for pain in the legs depends on its cause, which can range from tiredness to orthopedic problems in the joints or spine, for example. However, the most common is that the pain is

Know what can make your knee pop

Cracking in the joints, scientifically known as joint crackling, usually happens due to friction between the bones present in the joint and due to a decrease in the production of synovial fluid

Infantile arthritis: causes, symptoms and treatment

Infantile arthritis, also known as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, is a rare disease that occurs in children up to the age of 16 and causes inflammation of one or more joints, causing symptoms such

Understand what is Arthrosis

Arthrosis is a disease in which there is degeneration and looseness of the joint, which causes symptoms such as swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints and difficulty making

Bunion exercises and foot care

The care of the bunion involves measures to prevent its worsening and prevent inflammation, as it happens due to a deviation of the fingers towards the inside of the foot, misaligning the bones

Herniated Disc Heals

Herniated disc can be cured with surgery to correct the affected intervertebral disc or, in some cases of milder impairments, the alteration can be resolved with intense physical therapy

What is Tenosynovitis and How to Treat It

Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of a tendon and the tissue covering a group of tendons, called a tendinous sheath, which generates symptoms such as local pain and a feeling of muscle weakness in

Exercises to Treat a Meniscus Injury

To recover the meniscus, it is important to undergo physical therapy, which must be personally indicated by a physical therapist. Electronic exercises and equipment are indicated to help relieve

Treatments for Congenital Multiple Arthrogryposis

Treatment for Congenital Multiple Arthrogryposis includes orthopedic surgeries and physiotherapy sessions, and the use of sleeping splints, but in addition, the child's parents or caregivers

Treatment for spinal arthrosis

The treatment for spinal arthrosis can be done by taking anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and pain relievers. Physiotherapy sessions may also be indicated to relieve symptoms and prevent

All about TENS in Physiotherapy

The TENS device, also known as transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, is an effective, safe and non-invasive method of treating chronic and acute pain, without the need for

How to end the pain in the soles of the feet

In case of pain in the sole of the foot, it is recommended to do a massage with warm oil on every foot, insisting on the most painful areas, which are usually the heel and instep, but without

What to Do to Cure Tendonitis Faster

To cure tendonitis faster, one must follow the treatment indicated by the doctor, which may include the use of anti-inflammatories and rest the affected region so that the tendon can recover.

What is knee arthroscopy and what is it for

Knee arthroscopy is a minor surgery in which the orthopedist uses a thin tube, with a camera at the tip, to observe the structures inside the joint, without having to make a large cut in the skin.

Home treatment for low back pain

The treatment for low back pain can be done with hot water bags, massages, stretching and medication under medical guidance, which helps to deflate the region, stretching the muscles, fighting

Haglund's deformity

Haglund's deformity is the presence of a bony tip on the upper part of the calcaneus that easily leads to inflammation in the tissues around it, between the heel and the Achilles

How to treat a knee ligament injury

A knee ligament injury is a potentially serious emergency that, if not treated quickly, can have unpleasant consequences. The knee ligaments serve to give stability to this joint, so when

6 ways to fight foot pain

Most of the time, pain in the feet is caused by wearing shoes that do not support the feet properly, dry skin in this region and the appearance of cracks and by staying in the same position for

Treatment for Tendonitis in Hands and Fists

Tendonitis in the hand is an inflammation that occurs in the tendons of the hands located in the dorsal or ventral part of the hand. Overuse and repeated movements can cause tendonitis, developing

Knee Arthrosis Treatment

Treatment for knee osteoarthritis should always be guided by an orthopedist as it is usually done to relieve the specific symptoms of each patient and prevent the development of the disease, since

Differences between Arthritis and Arthrosis

Osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis are exactly the same disease, but in the past it was believed that they were different diseases, because arthrosis supposedly had no signs of inflammation.

How to Treat Baker's Cyst

Treatment for Baker's cyst, which is a type of synovial cyst, should be guided by an orthopedist or a physiotherapist and usually starts with rest of the joint and treatment of the problem that is

Understand why temperature changes can cause pain

The people most affected by pain due to sudden changes in temperature, are those who have some type of chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, suffer from sinusitis or

Morton's Neuroma Surgery

Surgery is indicated to remove Morton's Neuroma, when infiltrations and physiotherapy were not enough to decrease pain and improve the person's quality of life. This procedure should completely

How Physiotherapy for Arthrosis can be done

Physiotherapy is very important in the treatment for osteoarthritis and should be performed preferably every day, with rest on weekends, but when this is not possible, it is recommended to do

Back Pain Physiotherapy

Physiotherapeutic treatment for low back pain can be done using devices and stretches to relieve pain, in addition to massages to relax tense muscles and postural correction through exercises to

How to treat Congenital Torticollis in baby

Congenital torticollis is an alteration that causes the baby to be born with the neck turned to the side and presents some movement limitation with the neck. It is curable, but it must be

Congenital clubfoot treatment

The treatment for clubfoot, which is when the baby is born with 1 or 2 feet turned inwards, should be done as soon as possible, in the first weeks after birth, to avoid permanent deformities in

Understand Paget's Disease

Paget's disease is a chronic disease that is characterized by the abnormal growth of certain parts of a bone. Its main signs and symptoms are stiff joints, tiredness, deep bone pain, with a

Understand what is tendonitis

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon, a tissue that connects muscle to bone, which causes symptoms such as localized pain and lack of muscle strength. Its treatment is done with the use of

What to do when the back pain does not go away

When the back pain takes more than 6 weeks to disappear, an orthopedist should be consulted, as it can be a sign of problems, such as spinal cord compression, herniated disc, fracture of a

Tendonitis in the ankles

Tendonitis in the ankles is an inflammation of the tendons that connect the bones and muscles of the ankles, causing symptoms such as pain when walking, stiffness when moving the joint or swelling

Late bone age

Delayed bone age does not always mean disease or growth retardation, due to the fact that in the population children grow at different rates, as well as falling teeth and the first menstruation,

What is osteopenia, causes and how is the diagnosis

Osteopenia is a situation characterized by a gradual decrease in bone mass, which makes bones more fragile and increases the risk of fractures. In addition, when osteopenia is not identified and

Steps to treat the inflamed sciatic nerve at home

The home treatment for sciatica is to relax the muscles of the back, buttocks and legs so that the sciatic nerve is not pressed. Putting on a hot compress, massaging the site of pain and

How to recover from a fracture faster

The total recovery time from a fracture can be 20 days to 6 months or more, depending on the individual's age and ability to recover. Generally, children recover from a fracture in less than 2

Toe pain: Main causes and how to treat

Foot pain can easily be caused by the use of inappropriate shoes, calluses or even diseases or deformities that affect joints and bones, such as arthritis, gout or morton neuroma, for

Herniated Disc Treatment

The first form of treatment that is usually indicated for herniated discs is the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy, to relieve pain and reduce other symptoms, such as difficulty

What is Isostretching and how to do the exercises

Isostretching is a method created by Bernard Redondo, which consists of performing stretching postures during a prolonged exhalation, which is performed simultaneously with contractions of the

Fracture Treatment

The treatment for fracture consists of the repositioning of the bone, immobilization and recovery of movements that can be done conservatively or surgically. The time to recover from a

How to treat Achilles tendon rupture

The treatment for Achilles tendon rupture can be done with immobilization or surgery, being the most suitable surgery for young people who practice physical activity regularly and who need to

Physiotherapy for Achilles tendon rupture

Physiotherapy can be started after the orthopedist is released, which usually happens about 3 weeks after surgery. At this stage, the person must still be immobilized, but techniques can be used