How to have the correct posture to avoid belly

The correct posture avoids the belly because when the muscles, bones and joints are properly positioned, which makes the fat better distributed. Good posture favors the work of the erector muscles of the spine and the abdominals act as a kind of natural belt around the belly and the fat folds are less evident.

The bad posture favors the belly because when the individual adopts a bad posture day after day, its internal organs are projected forward and down and this associated with abdominal flaccidity and poor diet, results in fat located in the abdominal region.

How to have the correct posture to avoid the belly

By adopting a correct posture, all your muscles are naturally strengthened and improve your tone, thus reducing sagging especially in the abdominal region, avoiding the protruding tummy. To have the correct posture to avoid the belly it is necessary:

1. When sitting

Place your back flat on the chair and keep both feet flat on the floor, not with your legs crossed or hanging. This causes uniform pressure distribution in the ligaments and intervertebral discs and prevents spinal wear. Here's how to maintain good sitting posture.

2. When walking

To avoid the belly, it is important to wear appropriate shoes that allow the feet to be placed completely on the floor when walking and that the weight of the body is equally distributed over both feet. In addition, you should slightly contract your belly and position your shoulders back, so that your body is very upright and the cheese is parallel to the floor. Check out some tips to reduce the belly.

3. When sleeping

It is recommended that when sleeping, the person should lie on his side and place a pillow between his legs, which should be slightly curled up. In addition to avoiding the belly, sleeping on your side avoids spinal problems, because it allows the spine to be in its natural and fully supported curvature.

With the passage of time, maintaining a correct posture becomes easier and easier, however if you experience back pain it is important to consult a physiotherapist and go to the doctor to check if you have any back problems. Know the main causes and how to relieve back pain.

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