How to end the pain in the soles of the feet

In case of pain in the sole of the foot, it is recommended to do a massage with warm oil on every foot, insisting on the most painful areas, which are usually the heel and instep, but without pressing too much so as not to increase the pain and the discomfort.

The pain in the sole of the foot can be caused by wearing uncomfortable, heavy, too hard or too soft shoes, which do not fully support the feet, especially when the person is overweight or needs to remain standing for many hours, standing in the same position .

The following are some strategies that can effectively combat foot pain:

1. Wear a comfortable shoe

To avoid pain in the sole of the foot, the ideal is to buy shoes with the following characteristics:

  • Malleable;
  • With sole at least 1.5 cm;
  • Have a firm back to support the heel well, and
  • Have the base on which the fingers rest sufficiently wide so that they do not become tight, nor impair the blood circulation of the area.

This type of shoe should also be purchased at the end of the day, when your feet are slightly more swollen, to ensure that it will not hurt. Another important tip is to try the two feet of the shoe and walk with them around the store, preferably with socks, if you are going to use it with socks.

2. Do a foot bath

After a tiring day, when the sole of the foot is sore you can still make a scalding foot, dipping them in a basin with hot water and a little bit of coarse salt and a few drops of mineral oil, sweet almond oil, for example. example. You should leave it there for approximately 20 minutes and then massage your feet with some moisturizing cream. Watch the video below, how you can make a great massage using marbles:

3. Rest with your feet elevated

If your feet are sore it can also be useful to sit and put your feet on another chair or on a pile of magazines, for example, but if you can lie down, it is better to sleep by placing a cushion or pillow under your feet so that they are more comfortable. elevated, facilitating venous return.