Home treatment for low back pain

The treatment for low back pain can be done with hot water bags, massages, stretching and medication under medical guidance, which helps to deflate the region, stretching the muscles, fighting back pain and restoring the integrity of the spine.

Low back pain is actually pain in the lower back that does not always have a specific cause, and may be the result of diseases such as spinal arthrosis and herniated discs or conditions such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and overload of the spine, which is more common after 40 years of age, although it can appear in younger people.

Home treatment for lower back pain

Some strategies that can be adopted at home to relieve back pain in general are:

  • Place a hot water bottle in the region and let it act for about 20 minutes. The ideal is to lie on your stomach, with a low pillow under your abdomen and place the thermal bag at the site of the pain.
  • Putting patches of medications like Salompas can be useful to relieve muscle pain and facilitate the day to day, these can be found in pharmacies and drugstores and do not need a prescription. Voltaren's ointment or Cataflam can also relieve back pain;
  • Do spine stretches by lying on your back and resting your legs, bringing your knees towards your chest. You can do this movement with only 1 leg or with 2 at the same time;
  • Rest and avoid doing exercises or activities of great effort or repetitive effort.
  • Position the spine well during rest, being indicated that the person sleeps lying on his side with his head under a pillow and that he has another pillow between his legs to better position his hips. A firm mattress is also a good strategy to ensure better nights of sleep. Check out the features of the best mattress and pillow for you here.

In times of pain crises, it may be necessary to use medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, in pills, injections or ointment to relieve symptoms. Check out remedies to combat low back pain.

Physiotherapy for low back pain

Physiotherapy is always indicated for the treatment of back pain at any age because in addition to contributing to the relief of symptoms it also helps to prevent the return of pain. Each person needs to be personally assessed by the physiotherapist who will indicate the treatment but some options include:

  • Thermal resources, such as using warm water bags;
  • Equipment such as ultrasound, short waves, infrared light, TENS;
  • Stretching and muscle strengthening exercises.

Stretching exercises should be performed daily and bring pain relief in a few minutes, but when the pain is under control, it is recommended to invest in classes of global postural reeducation and Clinical Pilates because it is possible to make a global adjustment of all joints in the body, improving flexibility and range of motion and mainly strengthening the deepest muscles in the body that are responsible for keeping the body upright and in motion.

Special care must be given to the transverse abdominal muscle because it, together with other muscles of the abdomen and pelvis, form a belt of strength that stabilizes the lumbar spine, protecting it during movements. You can check out some Clinical Pilates exercises that help strengthen your muscles and fight back pain.

See also some homemade tricks that can relieve mild pain:

Treatment for chronic low back pain

Chronic invalidating low back pain is a strong and constant pain located in the bottom of the back that lasts for months, often radiating to the legs and feet, preventing the individual from carrying out their daily activities.

This pain must be treated with medication, physical therapy and in some cases surgery is indicated. But there are cases in which even after the surgery the pain does not go away, there is a relief of the condition, but not its remission.

In these cases, physiotherapeutic treatment is indicated for being able to control pain and decrease local inflammation. Individuals suffering from this disease should not make efforts, push or lift heavy objects so that the pain is not aggravated.

The origin of low back pain can be muscular, due to stretches and contractures, or in other cases it can be caused by the bad positioning of the spine vertebrae that end up generating parrot beaks and hernias.

During periods when low back pain has significantly decreased, swimming 2 to 3 times a week is recommended. This is the most suitable physical exercise, as it strengthens the back muscles, providing better support, without friction, because it is in the water.