Cannellitis: what it is, causes and how to treat

    Cannellitis is an inflammation in the shin bone, the tibia, or the muscles and tendons that are inserted in that bone. Its main symptom is the strong pain in the shin felt when doing high impact exercises, such as running. Despite being common in runners, it can also appear in athletes of football, tennis, cycling, gymnastics, among others.

    The main cause of cannellitis, in fact, physical exercises that have a repetitive impact, but can also be the result of the practice of exercises on irregular surfaces, lack of stretching and even genetic conditions. Thus, one of the best forms of prevention is to stretch before exercise, to prepare the muscle for physical activity, and gradually increase the volume of the exercise to avoid not only cannellitis but also other injuries.

    The treatment is simple, being indicated to apply ice in the region to relieve the pain. It is also recommended to seek the guidance of a physiotherapist, as performing stretching and strengthening exercises in the leg muscles can also help a lot in recovery.

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    Pain should not be ignored. As soon as you start feeling it, it is best to stop exercising and stay at rest until the swelling and pain cease.