Uveitis: what it is, symptoms and treatment

Uveitis corresponds to inflammation of the uvea, which is part of the eye formed by the iris, ciliary body and choroid, which results in symptoms such as red eye, sensitivity to light and blurred

Dilated pupils: 7 main causes and when it is severe

The dilated pupil, whose technical name is mydriasis, usually does not represent major problems, being only situational and returning to normal shortly afterwards. However, when the pupils are

5 vision problems that prevent driving

Seeing well is an essential skill for anyone who wants to drive, as it helps to maintain the safety of the driver and all road users. For this reason, eyesight testing is one of the most important

5 essential tests to identify glaucoma

The only way to confirm the diagnosis of glaucoma is to go to the ophthalmologist to perform tests that can identify whether the pressure inside the eye is high, which is what characterizes the

Yellow spot on the eye: 3 main causes and what to do

The presence of a yellow spot on the eye is generally not a sign of a serious problem, being in many cases related to benign changes in the eye, such as pinguecula or pterygium, for example, which

How to treat sty in baby

To treat the sty in the baby or child it is recommended to place a warm compress on the eye 3 to 4 times a day to help relieve the symptoms of the stye, reducing the discomfort felt by the

How to get sty and how to avoid

The stye is most often caused by a bacterium that is naturally present in the body and that due to some alteration in the immune system, is left in excess, causing inflammation in a gland present

How the stye treatment is done

In most cases, the sty can be treated easily with the use of warm compresses at least 4 times a day for 10 to 20 minutes, as this helps to reduce inflammation and relieve the symptoms of the sty.

What is sty, symptoms, causes and what to do

The stye, also known as the hordeolus, is an inflammation in a small gland in the eyelid that happens mainly due to infection by bacteria, leading to the appearance of a small swelling, redness,

Cyst in the eye: 4 main causes and what to do

The cyst in the eye is rarely serious and usually indicates inflammation, being characterized by pain, redness and swelling in the eyelid, for example. Thus, they can be treated easily only with

Stroke: what it is, causes and how to treat

The effusion of the eye, or hyposfagma, is characterized by the rupture of tiny blood vessels located in the conjunctiva, causing a red spot of blood in the eye. The conjunctiva is a thin

Viral conjunctivitis: main symptoms and treatment

Viral conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye caused by viruses, such as adenovirus or herpes, which cause symptoms such as intense eye discomfort, redness, itching and excessive tear

Night blindness: what it is, symptoms and treatment

Night blindness, scientifically known as nictalopia, is the difficulty of seeing in low light environments, as it happens at night, when it is darkest. However, people with this disorder can have

How not to pass conjunctivitis to others

Conjunctivitis is an infection of the eye that can easily be transmitted to other people, especially as it is common for the affected person to scratch the eye and then end up spreading the

What is diplopia, causes and how is treatment

Diplopia, also called double vision, happens when the eyes are not aligned correctly, transmitting images of the same object to the brain, but from different angles. People with diplopia are

7 reasons to opt for Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential to protect your vision on sunny days and even on cloudy days, because they avoid direct contact with UV rays, preventing the development of eye diseases in addition to

Ocular rosacea: what it is, symptoms and treatment

Ocular rosacea corresponds to redness, tearing and a burning sensation in the eye that can happen as a result of rosacea of ​​the skin, which is a skin disease characterized by redness of the

How to Treat Scleritis to Prevent Cataracts

Scleritis can be cured, especially if treatment is started early in the disease. To treat, medications such as antibiotics or immunosuppressants can be used, and in some cases surgery is also

What is Coats Disease and How to Treat It

Coats disease is a relatively rare disorder that affects the normal development of blood vessels in the eye, more specifically in the retina, the place where the images we see are

How to treat the 7 most common vision problems

Vision problems can arise soon after birth or develop throughout life due to trauma, injury, chronic illness, or simply due to the natural aging of the body. However, most vision problems

4 simple exercises that improve blurred vision

There are exercises that can be used to improve blurred and blurred vision, because they stretch the muscles that are connected to the cornea, which consequently helps in the treatment of

Bitot spots: main symptoms, causes and treatment

Bitot spots correspond to grayish-white, oval, foamy and irregularly shaped spots on the inside of the eyes. This spot usually appears due to the lack of vitamin A in the body, which leads to an

How to Treat a Corneal Scratch

A small scratch on the cornea, which is the transparent membrane that protects the eyes, can cause severe eye pain, redness and watering, requiring the use of cold compresses and medications.

What is keratoconus, main symptoms and cure

Keratoconus is a degenerative disease that causes deformation of the cornea, which is the transparent membrane that protects the eye, making it thinner and curved, acquiring the shape of a small

How AIDS can affect vision

HIV can affect any part of the eyes, from more superficial regions such as the eyelids, to deep tissues such as the retina, vitreous and nerves, causing diseases such as retinitis, retinal

How is recovery from Lasik Surgery

Laser surgery, called Lasik, is indicated to treat vision problems such as up to 10 degrees of myopia, 4 degrees of astigmatism or 6 of hyperopia, it takes only a few minutes and has excellent

How is the visual Campimetry exam done

Visual campimetry is performed with the patient seated and with the face glued to the measuring device, called the campimeter, which emits points of light in different places and with different

What is Keratoconjunctivitis and How to Treat It

Keratoconjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye that affects the conjunctiva and the cornea, causing symptoms such as redness of the eyes, sensitivity to light and the feeling of sand in the

5 types of remedies that can cause cataracts

The use of some medications can cause cataracts, because their side effects can affect the eyes, causing toxic reactions or increasing the sensitivity of the eyes to the sun, which can cause this

How to Treat Eye Allergy

Applying cold compresses to the eyes or washing the eyes with cold water are natural and homemade options to reduce and treat allergy symptoms in the eyes. Eye allergy consists of an

Eye Allergy: Symptoms and What to Do

Red, swollen and watery eyes can be indicative of allergy, which can happen as an effect of some medication, food or even use of expired makeup, for example. It is important that in case of

What is exophthalmos, its causes and treatment

Exophthalmos, also known as ocular proptosis or bulging eyes, is a medical condition in which one or both eyes of a person are more prominent than normal, which can be caused by an inflammatory

Symptoms of sight problems

Feeling of tired eyes, sensitivity to light, watery eyes and itchy eyes, for example, can be indicative of a vision problem, it is important to consult an ophthalmologist to make the diagnosis and

What is Computer Vision Syndrome and What to do

Computer vision syndrome is a set of symptoms and problems related to vision that arises in people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, the tablet or cell phone, the

Is watching TV up close to the eye?

Watching television up close does not hurt the eyes because the latest TV sets, launched from the 90s onwards, no longer emit radiation and therefore do not impair vision. However, watching

What is optic neuritis and how to identify

Optic neuritis, also known as retrobulbar neuritis, is inflammation of the optic nerve that prevents the transmission of information from the eye to the brain. This is because the nerve loses the

How to fight Dry Eye

To combat dry eye, which is when the eyes are red and burning, it is recommended to use moisturizing eye drops or artificial tears 3 to 4 times a day, to keep the eye moist and reduce

When to have surgery for strabismus

Strabismus surgery can be done on children or adults, however, this, in most cases, should not be the first solution to the problem, as there are other treatments, such as the use of correction

What is nystagmus, how to identify and treat

Nystagmus is the involuntary and oscillatory movement of the eyes, which can happen even if the head is still, and can result in some symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and imbalance, for

How to take the test to confirm color blindness

Color blindness tests help confirm the presence of this change in vision, in addition to helping the doctor to identify the type, which ends up facilitating treatment. Although the color test can

Care for Inserting and Removing Contact Lenses

The process of putting on and removing contact lenses involves handling the lenses, which makes it necessary to follow some hygiene precautions that prevent the appearance of infections or

What is hypertensive retinopathy and what symptoms

Hypertensive retinopathy is characterized by a group of changes in the fundus, such as retinal arteries, veins and nerves, which are caused by arterial hypertension. The retina is a structure that

What is Adie's Pupil and How to Treat It

Adie's pupil is a rare syndrome in which one pupil of the eye is usually more dilated than the other, reacting very slowly to changes in light. Thus, it is common that in addition to the aesthetic

What is Purtscher retinopathy and how to identify

Purtscher's retinopathy is an injury to the retina, usually caused by trauma to the head or other types of blows to the body, although its exact cause remains unclear. Other conditions, such as

Essential Eye Care

With the constant use of smartphones, tablets, computers or consoles that force the eyes to remain focused at the same distance for long periods of time, which ends up causing dry eye syndrome,

What is Macular Hole and How to Treat

The macular hole is a disease that reaches the center of the retina, called the macula, forming a hole that grows over time and causes gradual loss of vision. This region is the one that

What is photophobia and how to treat

Photophobia is the increased sensitivity to light or clarity, which causes an aversion or feeling of discomfort in the eyes in these situations and causes symptoms such as difficulty to open or

What is amblyopia and how to treat

Amblyopia, also known as a lazy eye, is a decrease in visual capacity that occurs mainly due to the lack of stimulation of the affected eye during the development of vision, being more frequent in

What is Terson's syndrome and how is it caused

Terson's syndrome is intraocular bleeding that occurs due to an increase in intra-cerebral pressure, usually as a result of cranial hemorrhage due to rupture of an aneurysm or traumatic brain

What the Ophthalmologist treats and when to consult

The ophthalmologist, popularly known as an optician, is the doctor specialized in assessing and treating diseases related to vision, and which involve eyes and their attachments, such as the tear

What is xerophthalmia and how to identify

Xerophthalmia is a progressive disease of the eyes that is caused by a deficiency of vitamin A in the body, which leads to dryness of the eyes, which can result, in the long term, in complications

Understand why you should buy quality sunglasses

The use of cheap sunglasses does not always impair vision, as almost all types of glasses, even those without a known brand, which are sold in clothing stores, for example, have effective

Why diabetes can cause blindness

When diabetes is not adequately controlled, with careful diet or ingestion of the medicines prescribed by the endocrinologist, blood sugar levels can be elevated for a long time, causing

Irlen syndrome: what it is, symptoms and treatment

Irlen Syndrome, also called Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, is a situation characterized by altered vision, in which the letters appear to be moving, vibrating or disappearing, in addition to

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is done to treat all types of cataracts; the congenital cataract, which is the one in which the baby is born with damage to the lens, or the acquired cataract, which is

Astigmatism Surgery

Surgery for astigmatism is one of the most effective ways to treat astigmatism, as it allows less dependence on glasses or lenses, in addition to the possibility of total correction of the degree

What is scotoma and what causes

Scotoma is characterized by the total or partial loss of the ability to see a region of the visual field, which is usually surrounded by an area where vision is preserved. All people have a

How to tell if your child has vision problems

Vision problems are common in schoolchildren and when they are not treated, they can affect the child's learning ability, personality and adaptation at school, and may even influence the child's

Tattooing in the eye: health risks and alternatives

Although it may have aesthetic appeal for some people, the eyeball tattoo is a technique with quite a number of health risks, since it consists of injecting ink into the white part of the eye,

How to treat strabismus

Treatment for strabismus in adults is usually started with the use of glasses or contact lenses to correct vision difficulties that may be causing or aggravating the problem. However, when this