How to use tampon safely

Tampons such as OB and Tampax are a great solution for women to be able to go to the beach, the pool or exercise during menstruation.

To use tampon safely and avoid developing vaginal infections it is essential to keep your hands clean whenever you insert or remove it and be careful to change it every 4 hours, even if your menstrual flow is small.

Furthermore, in order not to catch any vaginal infection, which causes symptoms such as itching, burning and greenish discharge, it is important to choose the size of the tampon appropriate to your type of menstrual flow, the more intense the flow, the larger the tampon should be. Another way to prevent infections is to avoid using the tampon every day because heat and humidity inside the vagina increase this risk.

How to put the tampon correctly

To place the tampon correctly without hurting yourself, you need to:

  1. Unroll the absorbent cord and stretch it;
  2. Insert your index finger into the base of the pad;
  3. Separate the lips of the vagina with your free hand;
  4. Gently push the tampon into the vagina, but towards the back, because the vagina is tilted back and it is easier to insert the tampon.

To facilitate the placement of the tampon, the woman can stand with one leg resting on a higher place, as a bench or sitting on the toilet with her legs spread and her knees well apart.

Another option for the tampon is the menstrual cup, which can be used to contain menstruation and then washed and reused.

Important precautions when using tampon

The fundamental cares to use are:

  • Wash hands before placing and whenever removing the tampon;
  • Use a panty protector such as short days, for example, to avoid soiling your underwear if there are small leaks of blood.

The tampon can be used by all healthy women and also by girls who are still virgins, in which case it is recommended to place the tampon very slowly and always use a small tampon to avoid breaking the hymen. However, even with this care, the hymen can rupture, unless he is complacent. Find out what compliant hymen is and the most common questions.

See other care that should be taken with women's intimate health.

Risks of using tampon

When used correctly, the tampon is safe and does not harm your health, being a hygienic way to control menstruation. In addition, it does not hurt the skin, allows you to wear clothes at will without getting dirty and also reduces the unpleasant odor of menstruation.

However, to use the tampon safely it is essential to change it every 4 hours even if the amount of flow is small. It should never be used for more than 8 consecutive hours, especially in very hot countries, such as Brazil, to avoid infections and that is why it is not recommended to sleep using a tampon.

The use of tampon is contraindicated when the woman has a vaginal infection because it can aggravate the situation and also in the first 60 days after delivery because it is necessary to constantly check the color, texture and smell of postpartum bleeding. Learn more about this situation here.

Warning signs to go to the doctor

When using tampons, special attention should be paid to symptoms such as:

  • High fever that comes on suddenly;
  • Body pain and headache without flu;
  • Diarrhea and vomiting;
  • Skin changes similar to a sunburn all over the body.

These signs may indicate toxic shock syndrome, which is a very serious infection caused by improper use of the tampon due to the proliferation of bacteria in the vagina, which spread into the blood, which can affect the kidneys and liver, being potentially fatal. Thus, if you have any of these symptoms, it is necessary to immediately remove the absorbent and go to the emergency room to do tests and start the appropriate treatment, which is usually done with antibiotics through the vein for at least 10 days in the hospital.