How to treat recurrent (chronic) candidiasis

Chronic candidiasis is characterized by the occurrence of 4 or more episodes of infections by species ofCandida sp. In the same year. Usually, candidiasis becomes chronic when its cause is not eliminated, being a common situation in cases of weakened immune system.

Chronic candidiasis can occur in both women and men and can cause symptoms in both the oral and genital regions, such as itching, pain and redness of the genital region. Learn how to identify candidiasis in men.

Chronic candidiasis is curable when it is possible to eliminate its cause and, therefore, the patient must undergo the treatment recommended by the doctor.

How the treatment is done

The treatment for chronic candidiasis should be started with researching the cause of the infection, so that later, appropriate remedies for each case can be prescribed. Usually the treatment for candidiasis is made with pills and, more often, ointments, and is able to eliminate the symptoms caused by the infection, being considered a superficial cure, as it does not identify the cause, and there may be new episodes of candidiasis.

Thus, the treatment for candidiasis involves both the use of medications and an improvement in eating and living habits, such as:

  • Decrease the consumption of sweets, as sugar favors the growth of the fungus;
  • Increase the consumption of more nutritious foods that help eliminate Candida;
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing;
  • Perform the hygiene of the intimate region in an appropriate manner;
  • Dry the intimate area well;
  • Practice physical activities.

The drug treatment for candidiasis is the use of the oral antifungal Fluconazole for 6 months once a week or according to medical advice.

Natural treatment

A natural treatment option for candidiasis is the sitz bath with bicarbonate, as it promotes the pH balance of the vagina, preventing the proliferation of species ofCandida sp.See how the natural treatment for candidiasis is done.

In addition to the sitz bath, foods with probiotics, such as yogurt, can be consumed, which aims to replenish the vaginal flora, for example, by increasing the concentration of microorganisms that maintain the health of the vaginal organ. Find out which are the best home remedies for candidiasis.

Symptoms of chronic candidiasis

Chronic candidiasis can happen in both men and women and the symptoms are the same as those presented in the first episode of candidiasis, such as:

  • Irritation and itching in the genital region;
  • Pain during intimate contact;
  • White discharge;
  • Whitish plaques on the penis

In addition to the genital region, Candida species can cause signs and symptoms in the oral region, such as:

  • Whitish plaques in the mouth, tongue and throat;
  • Pain or burning sensation when swallowing.

The diagnosis of chronic candidiasis is usually made by analyzing the symptoms by the gynecologist, in the case of the woman, the urologist, in the case of the man, or the pediatrician, in the case of the baby and the child.

Chronic candidiasis in pregnancy

Chronic candidiasis in pregnancy can appear more frequently, because in this period the woman undergoes several changes that can weaken the immune system or change the pH of the vagina, making the development of candidiasis easier.

Treatment for chronic candidiasis in pregnancy should be started as soon as possible under the recommendation of the gynecologist or obstetrician, in order to avoid transmission to the baby during delivery. In addition, to avoid the appearance of several episodes of candidiasis, the pregnant woman should wear cotton clothes that are not too tight and have good body and oral hygiene.