Hormonal Diseases

Pre-diabetes: what it is, symptoms and how to cure

Pre-diabetes is a situation that precedes diabetes and serves as a warning to prevent disease progression. The individual may know that he is pre-diabetic in a simple blood test, where one can

What is hyperglycemia and why it happens

Hyperglycemia is characterized by the large amount of sugar circulating in the blood, being more common in diabetes, and can be noticed through some specific symptoms, such as nausea, headache and

How is the treatment for hyperthyroidism

Treatment for hyperthyroidism should be indicated by the general practitioner or endocrinologist according to the levels of hormones circulating in the blood, the person's age, severity of the

Main symptoms of goiter, causes and treatment

Goiter is a thyroid disorder characterized by the enlargement of this gland, forming a kind of lump or lump in the neck, which becomes more rounded and wider than normal. The goiter is

Can cyst in the breast turn into cancer?

The cyst in the breast, also known as a breast cyst, is an almost always benign disorder that appears in most women, between 15 and 50 years of age. Most breast cysts are of the simple type and,

Thyroid cyst symptoms and how treatment is done

The thyroid cyst corresponds to a cavity or a closed sac that can appear in the thyroid gland, which is filled with liquid, the most common being called a colloid, and which in most cases does not

Type 2 Diabetes: Symptoms, Tests and Treatment

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by the body's resistance to insulin and increased blood sugar levels, which generates classic symptoms such as dry mouth, increased urge to

Cyst in the breast

The cyst in the breast is a small lump that does not characterize breast cancer, nor does it increase the risk of its appearance in the future. It is a benign breast disorder, common in most women

How Growth Hormone (GH) treatment is done

Treatment with growth hormone, also known by the acronym GH or as somatotropin, is indicated for boys and girls who are deficient in this hormone, which causes growth retardation. Growth hormone

Type 1 diabetes symptoms and how is treatment

Type 1 diabetes is a type of diabetes in which the pancreas does not produce insulin, making the body unable to use blood sugar to produce energy, generating symptoms such as dry mouth, constant

How is the treatment for cyst in the breast

The presence of a cyst in the breast usually does not require treatment, since, in most cases, it is a benign change that does not affect the woman's health. However, it is common for the

How to Identify and Treat Excess Hair in Women

Hirsutism is when the woman has hair on her face, chest and belly, in an exaggerated way, as occurs in men. Hair usually starts to become easier to identify from puberty, but this condition can

Understand what Diabetes is

This is a chronic disease characterized by a decrease in insulin production and / or resistance to its action. The 2 most common types are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, but there are also

Diabetic Pregnant

Every diabetic pregnant woman should check her blood glucose daily to reduce the risk of the baby suffering from malformations during pregnancy and not developing type 2 diabetes in the

How to know if it's PMS or stress

To find out if it's PMS or stress, it's important to note what stage of the menstrual cycle a woman is in. The symptoms of PMS happen in the 2 weeks before menstruation, they may become more

Learn how to treat Diabetic Mastopathy

The treatment of diabetic mastopathy is done mainly through adequate glycemic control. In addition, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics can also be used to decrease pain and inflammation and

When the diabetic should take insulin

The patient with type 1 diabetes, takes insulin through a daily injection to regulate blood sugar levels and is usually given before main meals. Type 2 diabetics should start taking insulin

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a disease characterized by excess blood sugar, due to the ineffective action of insulin, which is the hormone responsible for lowering blood glucose. The patient with

Hormonal dysfunction

Hormonal dysfunction is a health problem that in some women is linked to menstruation and can produce symptoms such as weight gain, acne and excess body hair. The most common hormonal

Insulin pump

The insulin pump, or insulin infusion pump, as it may also be called, is a small, portable electronic device that releases insulin for 24 hours. The insulin is released and goes through a small

Taking Growth Hormone

When taking growth hormone (GH) the individual must be aware of the possible side effects caused by it, such as the development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, for example. Usually the doctor

Estrogen Dependent Diseases

Myoma, endometriosis and breast cancer are some examples of estrogen dependent diseases. Estrogen-dependent diseases are those that develop due to increased estrogen in the bloodstream, a common

Hormonal disorders

Hormonal disorders can occur as polyglandular deficiency syndrome and generally have a genetic inheritance. It is a deficiency where the endocrine glands produce smaller amounts of hormones