Home Remedy for Dry Intestine

    An excellent home remedy for dry bowel or stuck bowel is artichoke, dandelion and senna tea, as these medicinal plants have laxative properties.


    • 1 artichoke with leaves and stem
    • 1 handful of dandelion
    • 1 handful of senna leaves

    Preparation mode

    Cook the artichoke, reserving the water. Add the handful of dandelion and senna leaves to the water, wait 10 minutes, strain and drink the tea up to 4 times a day.

    One of the causes of constipation is poor diet, which is generally low in fiber. The amount of fiber that you should eat daily is approximately 30 mg, so you should increase your consumption of fiber-rich foods like cooked chickpeas, strawberries, seed bread, fiber-rich cereals, vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and arugula or fruits like papaya, pear and plum.