Cranberry juice to prevent premature aging

    Blackberry juice is a great natural way to prevent premature aging, as this fruit is very rich in antioxidants that help to eliminate excess free radicals that age cells.

    Thus, this juice is an excellent option to clean the skin, hair and nails of toxins that cause, over time, an older appearance. In addition to using this juice, it is also possible to consume the blackberry in its natural form, either in the form of dessert or as an accompaniment to salads in the summer, for example.

    In addition, as the blackberry is a low-calorie fruit, the juice can be included in weight loss diets, having only 50 calories per cup.


    • 150 grams of blackberries;
    • 400 ml of water.

    Preparation mode

    Start by washing the blackberries thoroughly and then add them in a blender, along with the water. After beating well, sweeten it to your taste using honey or agave, for example.

    This juice can be drunk up to 3 times a day, however, one glass a day is enough to guarantee its antioxidant effects.

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