3 homemade repellents against Dengue

One of the most popular homemade repellents to ward off mosquitoes and prevent bird bitesAedes aegyptiit is citronella, however, there are other essences that can also be used for this purpose, such as tea tree or thyme, for example.

This type of repellent helps to prevent mosquito bites and reduces the chances of transmitting diseases such as dengue, Zika or Chikungunya, however, they have to be applied frequently to be really effective, since their duration is relatively short. .

1. Citronella lotion

Citronella is normally used in the form of oil, which contains a mixture of essences from different species ofCymbopogon,one of these species is lemon grass. Because it contains citronelol, this oil usually has a lemon-like aroma, which makes it a good base for the formulation of creams and soaps.

In addition, this type of aroma also helps to ward off mosquitoes and, for this reason, citronella is widely used in the production of candles that help ward off mosquitoes, as well as lotions to apply to the skin. However, this essential oil is sold in health food stores and some drugstores, and can be used to create a homemade repellent.


  • 15 ml of liquid glycerin;
  • 15 ml of citronella tincture;
  • 35 ml of cereal alcohol;
  • 35 ml of water.

Preparation mode

Mix all the ingredients and store them in a dark container. The homemade repellent should be applied to the skin whenever it is in places considered to be at risk with standing water or lack of basic sanitation, or in contact with any type of insect.

This repellent can be used on babies over 6 months old, children, adults and pregnant women.

Lighting a citronella candle is also a great way to avoid being contaminated by dengue. But it is necessary to keep the candle lit during the day and night, and the protection will only be done in the room where the candle is lit, being a good strategy to use in the bedroom when going to sleep, for example.

2. Spray fromTea tree

THETea tree, also known as tea tree or malaleuca, is a medicinal plant with excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which can be used to treat various types of health problems. However, its essential oil has also shown excellent results in warding off mosquitoes, and may therefore be a good option for the production of a natural insect repellent.Aedes aegypti.


  • 10 ml of essential oilTea tree;
  • 30 ml of filtered water;
  • 30 ml of grain alcohol.

Preparation mode

Mix the ingredients and put them in a spray bottle. Then, apply over the entire skin whenever it is necessary to go out on the street or stay in a place with a higher risk of mosquito bites.

This repellent can also be used at all ages from 6 months of age.

3. Thyme oil

Although less well-known, thyme is also an excellent natural way to ward off mosquitoes, having an efficacy greater than 90% of cases. For this reason, thyme is often grown alongside tomatoes, for example, to keep mosquitoes away.

This type of oil can be found in health food stores, drugstores and even some supermarkets.


  • 2 ml of essential thyme oil;
  • 30 ml of virgin vegetable oil, such as almonds, marigold or avocado.

Preparation mode

Mix the ingredients and apply a thin layer to the skin of the entire body before going out on the street. What is left of the mixture can be stored in a dark glass container and in a place protected from light.

Whenever necessary, this mixture can be made before applying to the skin. This repellent can also be used on all people from 6 months of age.

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