How to humidify the room air and the whole house

Putting a bucket in the room, having plants inside the house or taking a shower with the bathroom door open are great homemade solutions to humidify the air when it is very dry and make breathing difficult, leaving the nostrils and throat dry.

The World Health Organization indicates that the ideal air humidity rate for health is 60% but in drier climates, such as in the central-west and northeast regions of Brazil, the humidity can be less than 20%, which is already a sign alert because it can cause eye irritation, bleeding from the nose, dryness of the skin and allergic attacks, especially in those suffering from asthma or bronchitis.

1. Having a wet towel in the room

Leaving a wet towel on the back of a chair is also a great idea, but it can also be on the headboard or footboard. It just shouldn't be all rolled up because it can smell bad.

2. Put a bucket of water in the room

This tip is great for decreasing the dry air inside the room and being able to breathe better at night, waking up more rested. You don't need to have a lot of water, just half a bucket that should be placed inside the room and the closer to the headboard, the better.

To take advantage of the bucket being in the room, try adding 2 drops of lavender essential oil because it helps to calm and relax.

3. Having plants indoors

The plants are great for leaving the environment less dry and the best options are aquatic plants but the sword of São Jorge and ferns are also excellent for humidifying the air. But it is necessary to remember to water the plant whenever the soil is not very humid and to respect its needs for sun exposure. Plants usually need sun, but some prefer to always be in the shade.

See a list of plants to have at home that are good for your health.

4. Bathing with the door open

Taking a shower with the bathroom door open allows the water vapor from the shower to spread through the air, naturally humidifying the environment. Although this happens in the cold bath, it is more efficient with warm water.

So in summer, when it is more difficult to bathe in hot water, a good technique is to leave the shower open for a few minutes while drying your skin or dressing.

5. Use an electronic air humidifier

Como fazer para umidificar o ar do quarto e toda a casa

When you live in a place where the climate is very dry most of the year, it may be an option to buy an electronic air humidifier that you buy at stores like Americanas, Ponto Frio or Casas Bahia, for example. However, these devices have their cost of purchase and still need electricity to operate, which can be a disadvantage.

When to humidify the air

Humidifying the air is always very important to improve breathing, even in people without any breathing problem. However, there are some situations in which humidifying the air is even more recommended, such as:

  • Have frequent allergic attacks;
  • During asthma attacks;
  • Presence of a blocked nose;
  • Have dry throat or frequent cough.

In addition, people who are constantly suffering from runny nose can also humidify the air to try to solve the problem, as it can be a body solution to keep the airways humidified and less irritated.

Other precautions when the air is very dry

In addition to adopting strategies to combat dry air, there are other precautions necessary in times of drought, such as drinking more water, avoiding sun exposure and not exercising in the hottest times of the day.