Clemastina (Agasten)

    Agasten is the trade name for an oral hypoallergenic that inhibits the effects of histamine H1 receptors.


    Allergic rhinitis, urticaria.

    Side effects

    Anemia and other changes in the blood; increased heart rate; dry mouth; mental confusion; constipation; belly discomfort; diarrhea; Headache; pain to urinate; rash on the skin; hypersensitivity to light; restlessness; irritability; nausea; palpitation; loss of appetite; drop in blood pressure; dryness of the nose and throat; urinary retention; abundant bronchial secretion; sedation; somnolence; dizziness; excessive sweating; urticaria; blurred vision; vomiting; ringing in the ears.


    Pregnancy risk B; breast-feeding; liver failure; history of prolonged QT interval (electrocardiogram).