Gastrointestinal Disorders

Aerophagia: what it is, causes and how to treat

Aerophagia is the medical term that describes the act of swallowing excess air during routine activities such as eating, drinking, talking or laughing, for example. Although some level of

9 common symptoms of constipation

Constipation, also known as constipation or constipation, is more common among women and the elderly and usually happens due to hormonal changes, decreased physical activity or as a result of poor

4 steps to treat food poisoning at home

Food poisoning is a situation that occurs due to the ingestion of food or drinks contaminated with microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites. This contamination can happen

Foods that help fight intestinal gas

The gas diet should be made with vegetables rich in water and easy to digest, such as lettuce, apples and tomatoes, which help in the correct functioning of the intestine and make the intestinal

Main remedies used for gastroesophageal reflux

One of the ways to treat gastroesophageal reflux is to decrease the acidity of the stomach contents, so that it does not harm the esophagus. So if the reflux is less acid it will burn less and

6 treatment options for external hemorrhoids

The treatment for external hemorrhoids can be done with homemade measures such as sitz baths with warm water, for example. However, anti-inflammatory drugs or ointments for hemorrhoids can also be

Appendicitis: What it is, Symptoms and Treatment

Appendicitis is the inflammation of a part of the intestine known as the appendix, which is located in the lower right part of the abdomen. Thus, the most typical sign of an appendicitis is the

7 natural tips to relieve hemorrhoid pain

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins in the final region of the intestine, which usually inflame causing pain and discomfort, especially when evacuating and sitting. Most hemorrhoids usually

5 simple tips to prevent hemorrhoids

The main way to prevent new hemorrhoid attacks is through food, since it is important that the stool is soft so that it can be eliminated more easily, avoiding that there is increased pressure in

How to stop diarrhea faster

To stop diarrhea quickly, it is recommended to consume foods that are able to hold the intestine, in addition to drinking plenty of fluids, to replace lost water and minerals, and taking

Treatment for intestinal infection

Treatment for an intestinal infection should always be guided by a general practitioner or a gastroenterologist, as it is necessary to identify the type of microorganism that is causing the

How gastric ulcer surgery is performed

Gastric ulcer surgery is used in few cases, as it is usually possible to treat this type of problem only with the use of medicines, such as antacids and antibiotics and food care. See how the

5 common causes of bloated tummy and what to do

The bloated belly is a relatively common symptom that is usually associated with the presence of excessive intestinal gases, especially in people who suffer from constipation. However, if

Abdominal hernia symptoms and main causes

Abdominal hernia is characterized by a bulging of some organ in the belly out of the body, which usually does not cause symptoms, but can cause pain, swelling and redness in the area, especially

Esophagitis: what it is, symptoms and main types

Esophagitis corresponds to inflammation of the esophagus, which is the channel that connects the mouth to the stomach, leading to the appearance of some symptoms, such as heartburn, bitter taste

What can be blood in the stool and what to do

The presence of blood in the stool is usually caused by a lesion located anywhere in the digestive system, from the mouth to the anus. Blood may be present in very small amounts and may not be

Chronic gastritis: what it is and what to eat

Chronic gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining, which lasts for more than 3 months and has a slow and often asymptomatic evolution, which can lead to bleeding and the development of

Diarrhea remedies: what to take

There are several drugs that can be used to treat diarrhea, which have different mechanisms of action, and which are prescribed taking into account the cause that may be at its origin, the

Remedies for intestinal infection

A gastrointestinal infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites, and can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and dehydration. Treatment usually

What is Fecal Incontinence and how to treat it

Fecal incontinence is characterized by involuntary loss or inability to control the elimination of the contents of the intestine, made up of faeces and gases, through the anus. Although this

When cirrhosis is curable and how to achieve it

Cirrhosis is a chronic disease that has no cure, unless a liver transplant is performed, as it is possible to receive a new and functional liver, improving the person's quality of life. However,

Flatulence in Pregnancy

Flatulence in pregnancy is a very common problem because in pregnancy digestion slows down, facilitating the production of gases. This happens due to the increase in the hormone progesterone,

What is H. pylori, how is it caught and treated

H. pylori , or Helicobacter pylori , is a bacteria that lodges in the stomach or intestine, where it damages the protective barrier and stimulates inflammation, which can cause

Causes of chronic diarrhea and how to treat

Chronic diarrhea is one in which the increase in the number of bowel movements per day and the softening of the stool lasts for a period greater than or equal to 4 weeks and which can be caused by

Achalasia: what it is, symptoms and treatment

Achalasia is a disease of the esophagus characterized by the absence of peristaltic movements that push food into the stomach and by the narrowing of the esophageal sphincter, which causes

Remedies for stomach pain

Generally, stomach pain is caused by excess acidity of gastric contents, excess gas, gastritis or by eating contaminated food, which in addition to pain, can also cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Gastritis Remedies

The treatment of gastritis must be established by the gastroenterologist since it depends on the cause that is at its origin, and it can be performed with different medications, such as acid

Natural treatment to end Gases

The treatment for gases can be done through changes in diet, by consuming more fiber and less food that ferment in the intestine, in addition to teas like fennel, which bring relief from

Hepatitis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver, which is usually caused by viruses and / or the use of medications. The symptoms of hepatitis usually appear a few days after contact with the virus and are

Gas remedies

The remedies for gases such as Dimethicone or Activated carbon are two of the best options to eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by the excess of intestinal gases, existing in several

Pepsin: what it is, what it is for and what it does

Pepsin is a digestive enzyme produced in the stomach, which controls the breakdown of proteins in the body, facilitating the digestion process. For this reason, pepsin is used in medicines, being

Main causes of constipation

Constipation can happen as a consequence of some habits, such as poor fiber intake, drinking little fluids and not doing physical activity, for example, which can make the person feel

Treatment options for fatty liver

As there are no specific medications for fat in the liver, the treatment of this disease is done mainly through changes in lifestyle, eating a healthy diet with little fat, losing weight and

All about bowel transplantation

Bowel transplantation is a type of surgery in which the doctor replaces a person's sick small intestine with a healthy intestine from a donor. Generally, this type of transplant is necessary when

How to cure constipation

To cure constipation, some lifestyle changes must be made, such as eating more fiber-rich foods, drinking lots of fluids, consuming more foods rich in good fats, and exercising

What to do to combat constipation

In a case of constipation, it is recommended to take a brisk walk of at least 30 minutes and drink at least 600 mL of water while walking. The water, when it reaches the intestine, will soften the

What to do to cure heartburn

Heartburn, also known as heartburn, can be cured or easily avoided with some simple solutions, which include taking an antacid medicine or taking some homemade measures, such as eating small meals

How to fight constipation in children

To treat constipation, the child should be given high fiber foods and encourage water intake, in addition to giving a massage to the abdomen. Constipation in the child can cause hard and dry

Remedies for Poor Digestion

Remedies for poor digestion, such as Eno Fruit Salt, Sonrisal and Estomazil, can be purchased at pharmacies, some supermarkets or health food stores. They aid in digestion and reduce stomach

5 ways to fight diarrhea caused by antibiotics

The best strategy to fight diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics is to take probiotics, a food supplement easily found in the pharmacy, which contains bacteria that regulate bowel function.

Duodenal ulcer: what it is, symptoms and treatment

Duodenal ulcer is a small wound that arises in the duodenum, which is the first part of the intestine, which connects directly to the stomach. The ulcer usually develops in people who have been

Causes and treatment of fat in stools

Steatorrhea is the presence of fat in the stool, which usually happens due to the excessive consumption of high-fat foods, such as fried foods, sausages and even avocado, for

What type of Intestinal Polyp can turn into cancer?

The intestinal adenomatous polyps of the villus or tubule-villus can turn into cancer, however, not all will undergo this transformation. There is a greater risk of developing colorectal cancer in

What is it and how to treat intestinal dysbiosis

Intestinal dysbiosis is an imbalance of intestinal bacterial flora that reduces the absorption capacity of nutrients and causes a lack of vitamins. This imbalance is caused by a decrease in the

What to do in case of rectal prolapse

What should be done in case of rectal prolapse is to go quickly to the hospital, to confirm the diagnosis and start the most appropriate treatment, which often includes the use of surgery,

What is fecaloma and how to treat

Fecaloma, also known as fecalite, corresponds to the hardened and dry mass of feces that can accumulate in the rectum or in the final portion of the intestine, preventing the stool from leaving

Best and worst liver foods

In case of symptoms of liver problems, such as abdominal bloating, headache and pain in the right side of the abdomen, it is recommended to eat light and detoxifying foods, such as artichokes,

Lazy gallbladder: symptoms, treatment and diet

Lazy gall bladder is a popular expression that is generally used when a person has problems related to digestion, especially after eating foods with large amounts of fat, such as sausages, red

Gastritis: symptoms, types, causes and treatment

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach walls that can produce symptoms such as stomach pain, indigestion and frequent burping. Gastritis has several causes that include alcohol abuse,

Remedies for food poisoning

In most cases, food poisoning passes only with rest and rehydration with water, teas, natural fruit juices, coconut water or isotonic drinks without the need to take any specific medication.

Nutritional treatment for diarrhea

The treatment for diarrhea involves good hydration, drinking lots of fluids, not eating foods rich in fiber and taking medication to stop diarrhea, such as Diasec and Imosec, on medical

What is acute appendicitis and main symptoms

Acute appendicitis corresponds to inflammation of the cecal appendix, which is a small structure located on the right side of the abdomen and is connected to the large intestine. This condition

What is gastroesophageal reflux and how to treat

Gastroesophageal reflux is the return of stomach contents to the esophagus and towards the mouth, causing pain and inflammation. This happens when the muscle that is supposed to prevent stomach

What can cause upper or lower digestive bleeding

Gastrointestinal bleeding occurs when bleeding occurs somewhere in the digestive system, which can be classified into two main types: Upper gastrointestinal bleeding: when the bleeding

Gallbladder stone: 7 main causes

The gallbladder stone, scientifically called gallstone or cholelithiasis, is the accumulation of calcium and cholesterol within the gallbladder caused by high blood cholesterol levels, poor diet,

Stomach hemorrhage: main symptoms and causes

Stomach bleeding, also known as gastric bleeding, is a type of upper gastrointestinal bleeding that is characterized by blood loss through the stomach. This usually happens due to an untreated

Symptoms of celiac disease and how to identify

Celiac disease is permanent intolerance to gluten in food. This is because the body does not produce or produces little enzyme capable of breaking down gluten, which causes an immune system

5 main causes of gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach that must be treated quickly to avoid its possible complications, such as gastric ulcer and even cancer of the stomach. Although treatment is

What can be yellow eyes

The yellow eyes usually appear when there is an excessive accumulation of bilirubin in the blood, a substance that is produced by the liver and, therefore, is altered when there is a problem in

How to treat gall bladder polyps

Treatment for gallbladder polyps is usually started with frequent ultrasound exams at the gastroenterologist's office to assess whether the polyps are increasing in size or number. Thus, if

Remedies for liver problems

Some commonly used liver remedies are Flumazenil, Naloxone, Zimelidine or Lithium, especially in cases of intoxication or as hangover remedies. But, an excellent home remedy for liver is to eat

Treatment for colitis

Colitis is an inflammation in the intestine that has several causes, which can be both stress and infections by bacteria, for example. Thus, treatment varies according to the cause of the