Caloric expenditure of physical activities

The caloric expenditure of the exercises varies according to the person's weight and intensity of physical activity, however the exercises that normally use more calories are running, jumping

Going up stairs: benefits and when it hurts

Going up and down stairs is a good exercise to promote weight loss, tone your legs and fight cellulite. This type of physical activity burns calories, being a good exercise to burn fat and at the

3 butt exercises to lift the butt

These 3 exercises to lift the butt can be done at home, being great to strengthen the glutes, fight cellulite and improve body contour. These exercises for glutes are also indicated in case

Exercises to end cellulite

To end cellulite it is important to give preference to exercises that help to strengthen and tone the leg muscles, in addition to having a balanced diet and low in foods rich in fat or sugar. In

10 health benefits of water aerobics

Water aerobics lose weight because it helps to increase metabolism and burns up to 500 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the exercises and class time. Thus, an individual can lose

Cycling gets thinner

Cycling helps you lose weight and is a great exercise for people who suffer from the changes caused by excess weight, such as spine, knee or ankle problems, because it is a way to lose calories

How long does it take to gain muscle mass

The time it takes a person to gain muscle mass by doing anaerobic physical activity, such as weight training, is approximately 6 months. However, muscle hypertrophy can begin to be noticed after a

3 exercises to increase your buttocks at home

Some exercises to increase the gluteus can be done at home because they do not need devices and are easy to do. They help to strengthen the muscles of the gluteal region, making it firmer and

8 best exercises for seniors

The practice of physical activity in old age has many benefits, such as how to relieve the pain of arthritis, strengthen muscles and joints and prevent the appearance of injuries and chronic

5 exercises for seniors to do at home

Exercise by the elderly is very important and brings several health benefits, such as helping to maintain or increase muscle mass, maintain bone density, improve balance, coordination and

8 benefits of physical activity for the elderly

Physical activity for the elderly is very important to promote a sense of well-being, strengthen bones, improve the immune system and strengthen muscles, helping to walk better and preventing

Best exercises to eliminate visceral fat

The fat that accumulates inside the belly, called visceral fat, can be eliminated with the practice of exercises, especially aerobic ones, such as walking or cycling, or those that combine the

What is it and how to do functional training

Functional training is a method of physical activity performed without gym equipment, which aims to improve physical condition by imitating normal daily movements. This type of training slims, and

5 health benefits of the exercise bike

The exercise bike is one of the most popular ways to exercise to lose weight and increase the muscular resistance of your legs. The exercise in this type of equipment can be done in spinning

5 advantages of running on the treadmill

Running on the treadmill at the gym or at home is an easy and effective way to exercise because it requires little physical preparation and maintains the benefits of running, such as increased

How to lose weight while walking

Walking is an aerobic exercise that when performed daily, alternated with more intense exercises and associated with an adequate diet, can help you lose weight, improve blood circulation, posture

What is TRX, what is it for and exercises

TRX, also called suspension tape, is an equipment that allows exercises to be performed using the weight of the body itself, resulting in greater resistance and increased muscle strength, in

5 benefits of running on water

Running in the water is an excellent activity to lose weight, tone your muscles, improve posture and reduce your belly, being especially indicated for people who are very overweight and elderly

6 exercises to lose back fat

In order to lose back fat, it is important to carry out exercises that work with more emphasis on the muscles present in the upper and lower back, in addition to the abdominal muscle. However, for

What is calisthenics and exercises for beginners

Calisthenics is a type of training that aims to work on muscle strength and endurance, without the need to use gym equipment, not least because one of the principles of calisthenics is the use of

What is interval training and what types

Interval training is a type of training that consists of alternating between periods of moderate to high intensity effort and rest, the duration of which can vary according to the exercise

Squat benefits and how to do

The squat is a simple exercise and does not require many preparations to be performed, just keep your legs apart, stretch your arms in front of your body and squat until your thighs are parallel

5 options to lose the breeches

To lose the breeches, aesthetic treatments such as radiotherapy, lipocavitation can be done and, in some cases, liposuction can be the most effective solution. In addition, doing specific

How to choose the best running shoes

Wearing proper running shoes helps prevent joint injuries, bone fractures, tendonitis and the formation of calluses and blisters on the feet, which can make running uncomfortable. In order to

15 good reasons to start running

The main benefits of running are weight loss and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, but in addition to running on the street has other advantages such as the possibility of running at any

What is Crossfit, benefits and how to do it

Crossfit is a sport that aims to promote improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness, physical conditioning and muscle endurance through the combination of functional exercises, which are those whose

Benefits of Kangoo jump and how to practice

The kangoo jump corresponds to a type of physical activity in which a special shoe is used that has a special damping system, consisting of special springs, and propulsion that can be used in

6 functional exercises and how to do

Functional exercises are those that work all the muscles at the same time, unlike what happens in bodybuilding, in which muscle groups are worked out in isolation. Thus, functional exercises

6 Exercises for inner thigh

Exercises to strengthen the inner thigh should be performed in lower limb training, preferably with weights, to have a better effect. This type of exercise helps to strengthen the adductor muscles

5 tips to improve gym results

To improve the results of the gym, whether the goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass, it is important to be motivated to achieve the goal and understand that the process is slow and gradual.

How to control pressure with exercise

Regular physical activity is a great option to control high blood pressure, also called hypertension, because it favors blood circulation, increases heart strength and improves breathing capacity.

7 main benefits of Muay Thai

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is a martial art known as the “eight arms” art, as it strategically uses the 8 regions of the body: the two fists, the two elbows, the two knees, in addition to the two

Pilates exercises for back pain

These 5 Pilates exercises are especially indicated to prevent new back pain attacks, and should not be performed when there is a lot of pain, as they can worsen the condition. In order to

How physical activity can relieve back pain

Physical activity can help to relieve and end back pain as it strengthens the back muscles, which stretches the back muscles and also helps to give more support to the body and reduces the risk of

How to treat knee pain after running

To treat knee pain after running it may be necessary to apply an anti-inflammatory ointment, such as Diclofenac or Ibuprofen, apply cold compresses or, if necessary, replace running training with

How many calories to eat a day to lose weight

To lose 1 kg per week it is necessary to reduce 1100 kcal to normal daily consumption, equivalent to about 2 dishes with 5 tablespoons of rice + 2 tablespoons of beans 150 g of meat +

How to prepare for a marathon

To prepare for a marathon, you should run outdoors at least 4 times a week for 70 minutes to 2 hours. However, it is also important to do stretches and weight training to strengthen the muscles,

Best exercises to lose belly

Aerobic exercises are those that work with large muscle groups, making the lungs and heart have to work harder because more oxygen needs to reach the cells. Some examples are walking and

How many calories you spend per day

The secret to not getting fat is to eat the same amount of calories you spend each day. On average, a 35-year-old woman, who weighs 60 kg, does not practice any type of physical activity and who

Pilates or weight training: which is better?

Pilates exercises are good for increasing elasticity, endurance, strength and balance while weight training is good for increasing muscle volume leaving your body well defined. Another difference

When physical activity is not indicated

The practice of physical activities is recommended at all ages, since it increases the disposition, prevents diseases and improves the quality of life, however, there are some situations that

Ballet Fitness: what it is and main benefits

Ballet fitness is a type of gym exercise, created by dancer Betina Dantas, which mixes the steps and posture of ballet classes with weight training exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups and squats,

Differences between water aerobics and hydrotherapy

Both water aerobics and hydrotherapy consist of exercises performed inside a swimming pool, however, these are activities that have different exercises and goals and are also guided by different

Jump class benefits

The Jump class slims and fights cellulite because it spends a lot of calories and tones the legs and glutes, fighting the localized fat that gives rise to cellulite. In a 45 minute Jump class it

3 crossfit exercises for beginners

Crossfit beginner exercises help you to adjust your posture and learn some basic movements that will be needed over time in most exercises. Thus, it is a great way to strengthen some muscles and

Key benefits of 10-minute training

Short-term exercises can have the same result as long-term exercises when practiced at high intensity, because the greater the intensity of the training, the more the body needs to work, favoring

Waist Tightening Exercise

A great exercise to thin the waist and combat that lateral fat, scientifically called flanks, is the side plank, a variation of the oblique abdominal exercise. This type of exercise

Glutamine: What is it for and how to take it

Glutamine is an amino acid that can be found in muscles, but it can also be produced from other amino acids and can then be found throughout the body. This amino acid, among other functions, is

6 tips to keep your belly in shape for the summer

These 6 exercise tips to keep your stomach in shape for the summer help to tone your abdominal muscles and their results can be seen in less than 1 month. But in addition to doing these

5 tips to improve your running performance

To improve running performance, it is important to wear light, comfortable, flexible, airy shoes that are appropriate to the type of step, which can be evaluated when buying shoes at the store. In

Find out when Pilates exercises are best

Pilates is indicated for people of all ages, and can be performed by men, women, children, pregnant women and the elderly who already practice some type of physical activity and also for sedentary

7 main health benefits of football

Playing football is considered a complete exercise, because the intense and varied movements through runs, kicks and spins, help to keep the body always healthy, being a great option also for

5 benefits of capoeira for the body

Capoeira is a Brazilian cultural expression that combines martial arts, music, acrobatics and dance in making strokes and fast, complex and unique movements, which require a great deal of strength

6 Pilates Ball Exercises to Do at Home

A great way to lose weight and strengthen your abdominal muscles is to perform Pilates exercises with the Swiss ball. Pilates was designed to bring the body back to a healthy alignment and to

How to take Whey protein to gain muscle mass

Whey protein can be taken about 20 minutes before training or up to 30 minutes after training, being used mainly after physical activity, to improve the recovery of muscles and increase the

Thermogenic Weight Loss Supplements

Thermogenic supplements are fat-burning food supplements with thermogenic action that increase metabolism, help you lose weight and burn fat. These supplements also help to reduce appetite,

Spinning slims, defines legs and butt

A spinning class loses more than the treadmill or a run and in addition strengthens the legs and butt, leaving the body more beautiful and attractive. Other benefits are: Strengthen the

6 benefits of dancing for the body

Dance is a type of sport that can be practiced in different ways and in different styles, with a different modality for almost everyone, according to their preferences. This sport, in

Light training to burn fat

A good workout to burn fat in a short time is the HIIT workout which consists of a set of high intensity exercises that eliminate localized fat in just 30 minutes a day in a faster and more fun

Taking caffeine improves training performance

Taking caffeine before training improves performance because it has a stimulating effect on the brain, increasing the willingness and dedication to train. In addition, it increases muscle strength

7-minute workout to burn fat for 48 hours

The 7-minute workout is excellent for burning fat and losing belly, being a great option for healthy weight loss because it is a type of high intensity activity, which still improves cardiac

How to burn abdominal fat for 48 hours

The best strategy to burn abdominal fat for 48 hours is to do long-term, high-intensity aerobic exercise, such as running, for example. The most important thing is the effort that the person

5 incredible health benefits of slackline

Slackline is a sport in which a person needs to balance under a narrow, flexible ribbon that is tied a few inches from the floor. Thus, the main benefit of this sport is the improvement of

5 Exercises To Get A Tummy Belly

Here are some Pilates exercises that you can do at home, following the guidelines we give here. These work a lot the abdominal, toning the muscles of the center of the body but they must be

What ideal exercise to lose weight?

The ideal exercise for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way should combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises, so that one exercise completes the other. Some examples of aerobic exercises

Best exercises to eliminate belly

The best exercises to eliminate the belly are those that work the whole body, expend a lot of calories and strengthen several muscles at the same time. This is because these exercises increase the

Stretching exercises for legs

Leg stretching exercises improve posture, blood flow, flexibility and range of motion, preventing cramps and preventing muscle and joint pain. These leg stretching exercises can be done

5 Best Exercises to Do at Menopause

Exercising regularly is a great strategy to burn fat and improve mood in menopause, but in addition, physical activity brings benefits such as decreased risk of heart disease, strengthens bones,

Main Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a sport that improves strength, tones muscles and works the whole body, stimulates joints and ligaments and helps with weight control and fat burning. Swimming is an aerobic sport

7 types of stretches to relieve tendonitis

Stretching to relieve tendinitis pain should be done regularly, and it is not necessary to exert too much force, so as not to worsen the problem, however if during stretching there is severe pain

Tabata workout to dry the belly

The Tabata method is a type of high intensity training, such as HIIT, which allows you to burn fat, tone your body and dry your belly by spending just 4 minutes a day. Thus, this is the ideal

How to use the outdoor gym

In order to use the outdoor gym, some factors must be taken into account, such as: Perform muscle stretches before starting the devices; Perform the movements slowly and

Homemade gatorade to take during physical activity

This natural isotonic to be taken during training is a homemade re-moisturizer that replaces industrial isotonics such as Gatorede, for example. It is a recipe rich in minerals, vitamins and

7 Care when exercising alone

Regular physical exercise has several health benefits, such as controlling weight, lowering blood glucose, preventing cardiovascular disease, preventing osteoporosis and controlling

Benefits and Care when cycling

Cycling regularly brings benefits, such as improving mood, because it releases serotonin into the bloodstream and also improves blood circulation, being useful to fight swelling and fluid

3 exercises to end the breeches

These 3 exercises to end the breeches, which is the accumulation of fat in the hips, on the side of the thighs, help to tone the muscles of this region, fighting sagging, and reducing fat in this

How to take the Tribulus supplement

To take Tribulus to increase muscle mass it is recommended to take 2 capsules of this supplement daily, one before breakfast and the other after dinner. This supplement is made from a