First aid

Mouth to mouth ressuscitation

Mouth-to-mouth breathing is performed to provide oxygen when a person suffers a cardiorespiratory arrest, becomes unconscious and does not breathe. After calling for help and calling 192,

How to remove thorns from the skin

The thorn can be removed in different ways, however, before that, it is important to wash the area well, with soap and water, to avoid the development of an infection, avoiding rubbing, so that

What to do when the child hits the head

Most of the time, the falls are not serious and in the place where the head was hit, there is usually only a slight swelling, known as "bump", or bruise that usually passes in 2 weeks, not being

What to do in case of joint dislocation

Dislocation happens when the bones that form a joint leave their natural position due to a strong blow, for example, causing severe pain in the area, swelling and difficulty in moving the

What to do in case of eye injury

The treatment for injuries and blows to the eyes depends on the type and severity of the injury, and may only be necessary a home treatment with water or artificial tears for less serious

What to do if the baby falls out of bed

If the baby falls out of bed or in the crib, it is important that the person remains calm and console the baby while evaluating the baby, checking for signs of injury, redness or bruising, for

First aid in suspected heart attack

First aid for infarction not only helps to save the person's life but also prevents the onset of sequelae, such as heart failure or arrhythmias. Ideally, first aid should include recognizing

Heimlich maneuver: what it is and how to do it

The Heimlich maneuver is a first aid technique used in cases of emergency by asphyxiation, caused by a piece of food or any type of foreign body that gets stuck in the airways, preventing the

What a survival kit should have

During periods of emergency or catastrophe, such as earthquakes, when you need to leave your home, or during epidemics, when it is recommended to stay indoors, it is very important to have a

What the diabetic should do when he gets hurt

When someone with diabetes gets hurt it is very important to pay attention to the injury, even if it looks very small or simple, as in the case of cuts, scratches, blisters or calluses, as there

What to do in case of fainting (and what not to do)

When a person passes out, one should observe if he is breathing and if there is a pulse and, if he does not breathe, one should ask for medical help, calling 192 immediately, and starting cardiac

How to do cardiac massage correctly

Cardiac massage is considered the most important link in the survival chain, after seeking medical help, in an attempt to save a person who has suffered a cardiac arrest, as it allows replacing

How to control tachycardia (fast heart)

To quickly control tachycardia, better known as a fast heart, it is advisable to take a deep breath for 3 to 5 minutes, cough hard 5 times, or put cold water compress on your face, as this helps

First aid for bleeding

Bleeding can be caused by a number of factors that must be identified later, but it is vital that it is monitored to ensure the victim's immediate well-being until professional emergency medical

First aid for stroke

Stroke, called a stroke, occurs because of obstruction in the cerebral arteries, leading to symptoms such as severe headache, loss of strength or movement on one side of the body, asymmetrical

First aid in case of stab

The most important care after a stab is to avoid removing the knife or any object that is inserted in the body, as there is a high risk of worsening the bleeding or causing more damage to the

What to do when attempting suicide

The most important steps in the face of a suicide attempt are to call for medical help, immediately call 192, and see if the victim is breathing and if the heart is beating. If the person is

First Aid for Unconscious Baby

First aid for an unconscious baby depends on what made the baby unconscious. The baby may be unconscious due to head trauma, due to a fall or seizure, because he was choked or any other reason

Perforated eardrum symptoms and treatment

When the eardrum is perforated, it is normal for the person to feel pain and itching in the ear, in addition to having decreased hearing and even bleeding from the ear. Usually a small perforation

What to do after a fall

A fall can happen because of accidents at home or at work, when climbing on chairs, tables and sliding down stairs, but it can also occur due to fainting, dizziness or hypoglycemia that can be

First aid in case of unconscious person

Early and quick care for an unconscious person increases the chances of survival, so it is important to follow some steps so that it is possible to save the victim and reduce the

First aid in case of chemical burn

Chemical burns can occur when in direct contact with corrosive substances, such as acids, caustic soda, other strong cleaning products, thinners or gasoline, for example. Usually, after the

First aid for electric shock

Knowing what to do in the event of an electric shock is very important because, in addition to helping to avoid consequences for the victim, such as severe burns or cardiac arrest, it also helps

How to assemble a first aid kit

Having a first aid kit is a great way to ensure that you are prepared to help, quickly, various types of accidents, such as bites, knocks, falls, burns and even bleeds. Although the kit can

First aid in case of fracture

In case of suspected fracture, which is when the bone breaks causing pain, inability to move, swelling and sometimes deformity, it is very important to remain calm, observe if there are other more

Asthma crisis: what to do (first aid)

To relieve asthma attacks, it is important that the person remains calm and in a comfortable position and uses the inhaler. However, when the inhaler is not around, it is recommended that medical

What to do in the burn

As soon as the burn happens, the first reaction of many people is to pass coffee powder or toothpaste, for example, because they believe that these substances prevent microorganisms from

How to recognize and treat a 2nd degree burn

The 2nd degree burn hurts a lot and a blister appears, which must not be burst to prevent the entry of microorganisms that can cause infection. The treatment should always be indicated by

Bleeding Nose First Aid

To stop bleeding from the nose, compress the nostril with a handkerchief or apply ice, breathe through the mouth and keep the head in the neutral or slightly tilted forward position. However, when

First aid for open fracture

The open fracture happens when there is a wound associated with the fracture, and it may be possible to observe the bone or not. In these cases, there is a greater risk of developing an infection

Signs of drug allergy and what to do

Signs and symptoms of a drug allergy can appear immediately after taking an injection or inhaling the drug, or up to 1 hour after taking a pill. Some of the warning signs are the appearance

First aid for bee or wasp sting

Bee or wasp stings can cause a lot of pain, and in some cases, even cause an exaggerated reaction in the body, known as anaphylactic shock, which causes severe difficulty in breathing. However,

First aid for snakebite

The most important thing after a snakebite is to keep the limb that was bitten as still as possible, because the more you move the more the poison can spread through the body and reach several

First aid for toothache

The best way to treat toothache is to see a dentist to identify the cause and start the most appropriate treatment, however, while waiting for the consultation there are some natural ways that can

How to get an insect out of the ear

When an insect enters the ear it can cause a lot of discomfort, causing symptoms such as difficulty hearing, severe itching, pain or the feeling that something is moving. In these cases, you

Needle prick: What to do in case of an accident

The needle stick is a serious but relatively common accident that usually happens in the hospital, but it can also happen on a daily basis, especially if you are walking barefoot on the street or

How to remove speck from the eye

The presence of a speck in the eye is a relatively common discomfort that can be quickly relieved with proper eye wash. If the speck is not removed or if the itch persists, there is a high

How to save a cardiac arrest victim

Cardiorespiratory arrest is the moment when the heart stops functioning and the person stops breathing, making it necessary to have a cardiac massage to make the heart beat

First Aid in Case of Mouse Bite

The rat bite must be treated quickly, as it carries the risk of transmitting infections and causing diseases such as rat bite fever, leptospirosis or even rabies. First aid should be started

First aid for hypothermia

Hypothermia corresponds to the decrease in body temperature, which is below 35 ÂșC and which can happen when you remain without adequate equipment in the cold winter or after accidents in freezing

First Aid for contact with Poisonous Plants

When coming into direct contact with any poisonous plant, you should: Wash the area immediately with plenty of soap and water for 5 to 10 minutes; Wrap the area with a clean

First aid for head trauma

Blows to the head generally do not need to be treated urgently, however, when the trauma is very severe, such as what happens in traffic accidents or falls from great heights, it is necessary to

First aid for poisoning

Poisoning can happen when a person ingests, inhales or comes into contact with a toxic substance, such as cleaning products, carbon monoxide, arsenic or cyanide, for example, causing symptoms such

What to do after dog or cat bite

First aid in case of a dog or cat bite is important to prevent the development of infections in the area, as the mouth of these animals usually contains a high number of bacteria and other

First aid for chest pain

An episode of severe chest pain that lasts more than 2 minutes, or that is accompanied by other symptoms, such as shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting or intense sweating, for example, may

What to do in case of allergy to shrimp

Allergy to shrimp is a potentially dangerous situation, as it can prevent breathing when it leads to swelling of the glottis in the throat, causing asphyxiation and possibly leading to death,

What to do in case of anaphylactic shock

Anaphylactic shock is a serious allergic reaction that can lead to the throat closing, preventing proper breathing and leading to death within minutes. Therefore, anaphylactic shock should be

How to get herringbone out of your throat

A simple way to get a small fish bone stuck in your throat is to eat a banana, because it is soft and will probably not hurt your esophagus when it passes through it. As it passes through the

What to do in case of choking

Most of the time, choking is mild and, therefore, in these cases it is advised: Ask the person to cough hard 5 times; Hit 5 times in the middle of the back, keeping your hand

First aid in sport

First aid in sport is mainly related to muscle injuries, injuries and fractures in any type of physical activity. First aid in muscle injury First aid in muscle damage

Lateral safety position

The lateral safety position is indispensable for many first aid techniques and should be used whenever the person is unconscious, but continues to breathe, and does not present any problem that

First aid in case of cardiac arrest

First aid in case of cardiac arrest is essential to keep the victim alive until medical help arrives. So, the most important thing is to start cardiac massage, which should be done as

How to ask for help

To ask for help first of all take into account your own safety and that of the victim and then call one of these numbers, as needed: To call an ambulance (SAMU) call: 192 To

First aid in traffic

First aid in traffic are: Sign the accident site, to avoid other accidents; Observe how the accident victims are doing; Call an ambulance: call 192, police: call 190 and

What to do when varicose veins bleed

The most important thing to do when bleeding from varicose veins is to try to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the site. In addition, one should go to the hospital or emergency room to do

First Aid for Burning Live Water

Symptoms of a jellyfish burn are severe pain and a burning sensation in the area, as well as intense redness of the skin where they have been in contact with the tentacles. If this pain is very

Seizure First Aid

Seizures happen due to abnormal electrical discharges in the brain, which lead to involuntary contraction of various muscles in the body. Usually, seizures last for only a few seconds, but they