What to do to stimulate ovulation

Ovulation corresponds to the moment when the egg is released by the ovary and becomes mature, allowing fertilization by the sperm and thus beginning the pregnancy. Learn all about ovulation.

Knowing how to stimulate ovulation is important for those who want to get pregnant and cannot because of irregular ovulation or lack of it and polycystic ovary syndrome, for example. See what are the home remedies for polycystic ovary.

How to stimulate ovulation naturally

One of the natural options to stimulate ovulation is to increase the consumption of yams, which can be consumed in stewed meat, soups and tea, the latter being the form that most enhances the properties of the food.

To stimulate ovulation naturally, yam consumption can be increased. Yams can be eaten cooked in stewed meat or in soups. But, to enhance its effect, it is advisable to also take tea from the yam bark.

Yam tea

The yam has a phytohormone called diosgenin, which in the body is transformed into DHEA and stimulates the release of more than 1 egg by the ovaries, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy. But in addition, it is necessary to follow a good diet and practice physical activity regularly.

Although there are no scientific publications that prove that yams are directly related to fertility, this subject has been studied by countless scientists, as it has already been observed that, when eating more yams, women become more fertile.


  • bark of 1 yam
  • 1 glass of water

Preparation mode

Place the yam bark in a pan of water and boil for 5 minutes. Cover the pan, let it cool, strain and drink next. It is recommended to drink tea on an empty stomach until you start ovulating. To know when you are ovulating it is recommended to perform an ovulation test. Learn how to do the ovulation test.

Other natural options

In addition to yam, soybeans and cado-marian grass are able to stimulate ovulation by promoting an increase in estrogen production. In addition, adopting healthy practices, such as a balanced diet and physical exercise, can facilitate the occurrence of ovulation. Find out what are the other benefits of soy and thistle.

Remedy to stimulate ovulation

The remedies used to stimulate ovulation aim to mature the eggs, making the woman fertile and capable of generating a baby. The most recommended drugs are synthetic Gonadotropin and Clomiphene (Clomid), however, due to their possible adverse effects, ranging from fluid retention to ovarian cancer, they should be used only under medical advice.

Generally, ovulation occurs 7 days after you stop taking the medication, during which time the number of intercourse should increase. About 15 days after stopping the use of the medication, menstruation should drop. If not, a pregnancy test should be performed.

These treatment cycles should be done monthly and repeated for a maximum of 6 times, to prevent the woman from suffering from ovarian hyperstimulation, a complication that can be fatal.