What to do if you forget to take Ciclo 21

When you forget to take Cycle 21, the contraceptive effect of the pill may be diminished, especially when more than one pill is forgotten, or when the delay in taking the medication exceeds 12 hours, with the risk of becoming pregnant.

Therefore, it is important to use another contraceptive method within 7 days after forgetting, such as a condom, to prevent pregnancy from occurring.

An alternative for those who frequently forget to take the pill, is to switch to another method in which it is not necessary to remember daily use. Learn how to choose the best contraceptive method.

Forgetting up to 12 hours

In any week, if the delay is up to 12 hours from the usual time, take the forgotten pill as soon as the person remembers and take the next pills at the usual time.

In these cases, the contraceptive effect of the pill is maintained and there is no risk of becoming pregnant.

Forgetting for more than 12 hours

If the forgetfulness is more than 12 hours of the usual time, the contraceptive protection of Cycle 21 may be reduced and, therefore, it should be:

  1. Take the forgotten tablet as soon as you are reminded, even if you have to take two pills on the same day;
  2. Take the following pills at the usual time;
  3. Use another contraceptive method as a condom for the next 7 days;
  4. Start a new card as soon as you finish the current one, without pausing between one card and another, only if forgetting occurs in the third week of the card.

When there is no pause between one pack and another, menstruation should only occur at the end of the second pack, but minor bleeding may occur on the days when you are taking the pills. If menstruation does not occur at the end of the second pack, a pregnancy test should be performed before starting the next pack.

Forgetting more than 1 tablet

If more than one pill from the same pack is forgotten, consult a doctor because the more pills in a row are forgotten, the less the contraceptive effect of Cycle 21.

In these cases, if there is no menstruation in the 7-day interval between one pack and another, you should consult the doctor before starting a new pack because the woman may be pregnant.

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