What are the most fertile days to get pregnant

The best days to get pregnant are the days of the fertile period, which corresponds to exactly in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This period, although easier to find in women who have regular periods, can also be found in case of irregular periods.

For women who have a regular menstrual cycle, where menstruation always decreases every 28 days, the best days to get pregnant start 11 days after the first day of each menstruation and remain for another 6 days.

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During the period of trying to conceive it is recommended to write down on a calendar every day that you get your period and also every day that you had intimate contact, because this information is important to calculate the date of conception and the probable date of delivery.

The home pregnancy test, which uses urine and is purchased at the pharmacy, can be done from the first day of menstrual delay and if the result is positive, the pregnancy test, laboratory to confirm the pregnancy and perform prenatal care.

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Tips for getting pregnant fast

Even in young, healthy women with a regular fertile period, the chances of getting pregnant are only 10% for each month of trying because other factors such as the emotional system and the partner's health also influence the ability to conceive. However, here are some great tips for getting pregnant faster:

  • Having sex, every other day, for the entire fertile period, because then there is a greater chance of becoming pregnant and the quality of the sperm will be better.
  • Drink lots of water and choose a light diet, which is easy to digest and causes less tiredness during the fertile period;
  • Eat more vegetable fat source foods, such as avocado and peanuts, which guarantee extra energy, as well as foods that improve blood circulation, such as fish;
  • Treat any vaginal infection to increase the chances of getting pregnant;
  • Lie down after intimate contact.

The woman who is trying to conceive should increase the consumption of foods rich in folic acid and, even so, should take 1 pill of folic acid at least 3 months before becoming pregnant because this nutrient is important to ensure an adequate formation of the baby's nervous system . See other precautions you should take before becoming pregnant to ensure your health and that of your baby.

When the couple is more than 12 months trying to conceive without achieving this goal, the doctor may order a series of tests for the couple in order to identify infertility and in some cases, the woman may be advised to take hormonal drugs to induce ovulation, like Clomiphene to increase the chances of conception.

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