Uterine tube problems

Problems in the uterine tubes can make pregnancy difficult and therefore they should be investigated if the couple is unable to conceive naturally after at least 1 year of trying. Problems in the fallopian tubes or fallopian tubes can be caused by gynecological infections, congenital changes or endometriosis, for example.

How to diagnose problems in uterine tubes

To diagnose problems with uterine tubes, the gynecologist may request a diagnostic test called hysterosalpingography, which consists of applying a contrast to the pelvic region and observing the entire region through various radiographs.

Treatment for problems in uterine tubes

Treatment for problems with uterine tubes must be treated by their cause. Therefore, in the case of infections, antibiotics can be used, and in the case of endometriosis, a laparoscopy can be used to remove all endometrial tissue as well as the use of medications.

Problems in the uterine tubes can also favor ectopic pregnancy and therefore as soon as they are discovered, they must be treated to avoid this situation that is incompatible with the baby's life. A common problem that prevents pregnancy is obstruction of the tubes. See how to diagnose and treat tubal obstruction.