Ovulation Test (fertility): how to make and identify the most fertile days

The ovulation test that you buy at the pharmacy is a good method to get pregnant faster, as it indicates when the woman is in her fertile period, by measuring the LH hormone. Some examples of pharmacy ovulation testing are Confirme, Clearblue and Needs, which use a small amount of urine, with an accuracy of 99%.

Ovulation tests can also be called female fertility tests and are completely hygienic and very easy to use, helping women to find out when their fertile period is.

How to use the pharmacy ovulation test

To use the pharmacy ovulation test, just dip the pipette in a little urine, wait about 3 to 5 minutes, and observe the color changes that occur and compare with the control strip. If it is of equal or stronger intensity, it means that the test was positive and that the woman is in the fertile period. The color that corresponds to the fertile period should be noted in the test leaflet.

There are also digital ovulation tests, which indicate whether or not the woman is in the fertile period, through the appearance of a happy face on the screen. Generally, a box contains 5 to 10 tests, which must be used one at a time, without reuse.

Caring for

For the test to give a reliable result, it is important to:

  • Read the instruction leaflet carefully;
  • Know the menstrual cycle well, in order to test in the days closest to the fertile period;
  • Perform the test at the same time;
  • Perform the test in the first morning urine or after 4 hours without urinating;
  • Do not reuse test strips.

Ovulation tests are all different, so the waiting time, as well as the colors of the result may vary between brands, hence the importance of carefully reading the leaflet contained in the product packaging.

Does the home ovulation test work?

The home ovulation test consists of inserting the tip of the index finger into the vagina and removing a small amount of mucus. When rubbing this mucus on the tip of the thumb, you should observe the color and its consistency.

It is likely that the woman is in her fertile period if this vaginal mucus is transparent, fluid and slightly sticky, similar to egg white, however, it is important that the person knows that the pharmacy tests are much more accurate, since it can be difficult to interpret the consistency of mucus, and this method does not indicate the best day to get pregnant.

Watch the following video and see how to calculate the fertile period, in order to facilitate the execution of the ovulation test: