How to use the contraceptive without getting swollen (with fluid retention)

Many women think that after starting to use contraceptives, they put on weight. However, the use of contraceptives does not directly lead to weight gain, but rather makes the woman start to accumulate more fluids, having the feeling that she is more swollen. Fluid retention not only leaves women feeling bloated, it also increases the propensity to have cellulite. Thus, the best way to avoid this effect of the pill is through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Usually the higher the concentration of hormones in the pill, the greater the water retention. In the case of contraceptive injection, which is taken every 3 months, weight gain due to water retention may be greater, leading to swelling, breast tenderness and irregular bleeding. In this case, the woman must perform more intense physical activities to avoid the feeling of bloating. See what are the most common side effects of contraceptives.

How to use contraceptives without getting bloated

To avoid the feeling of bloating after using birth control pills, some measures can be taken according to the type of contraceptive, such as:

  • Oral contraceptives: To take the pill without getting swollen, physical exercise should be done regularly. Just half an hour of walking daily is enough to increase blood circulation and, consequently, decrease fluid retention;
  • Contraceptive injections: In the case of injections, it is recommended to perform physical exercise that increases heart rate and ensures more physical fitness 1 hour a day, at least 5 times a week, such as running orspinning.

In addition, the woman can use lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy sessions once a week, as they improve blood circulation and stimulate the elimination of excess fluids from the body. Find out what the benefits are and when to do pressotherapy.

What to eat to reduce swelling

As fluid retention is common in women who use contraceptives, it is recommended that they start to have a diet rich in diuretic foods, as it is thus possible to eliminate excess fluid from the body. Thus, it is recommended that fruits and vegetables rich in water, such as celery, spinach, leeks, watermelon, apple and melon, be consumed on a daily basis.

It is important to drink plenty of fluids during the day in order to reduce the feeling of bloating. Know other diuretic foods.