How to Use the Billings Ovulation Method to Get Pregnant

To use the Billings Ovulation Method, also known as the Basic Infertility Pattern, to get pregnant a woman must note how her vaginal secretion is every day and have intercourse on the days when there is greater vaginal secretion.

In these days, when the woman feels that her vulva is naturally wet during the day, there is the fertile period that allows the sperm to enter the mature egg so that it can be fertilized, thus beginning the pregnancy.

Thus, to use the Billing method or Basic infertility pattern it is important to know the female reproductive system and all its changes.

How to start using the Billings Ovulation Method

To start using this method, you should stay without any intimate contact for 2 weeks and start recording every night how your vaginal discharge is. There is no need to start using this method during menstruation, although this is easier for some women.

You will be able to observe this secretion during the day while doing housework, working or studying, just check if the outer region of the vagina, the vulva, is completely dry, dry or wet whenever you use toilet paper to clean yourself after urinating or defecate. You will also be able to see how your vaginal discharge is when walking or exercising.

During the first month, while learning to use the Billings method, it is important not to have intimate contact, not to insert your fingers into the vagina, or to perform any internal examination such as the pap smear, as these can cause changes in the cells of the female intimate region, making it difficult the interpretation of the state of vaginal dryness.

You should use the following notes:

  • State of vaginal dryness: dry, wet or slippery
  • Red color: for menstruation days or spoting bleeding
  • Green color: for days when it is dry
  • Yellow color: for days where it is slightly wet
  • Baby: for the most fertile days, where there is a very wet or slippery feeling.

You should also note every day that you have sex.

What is the best day to get pregnant using this method

The best days to get pregnant are those where the vulva starts to get wetter and slippery. The third day of feeling wet is the best day to get pregnant, because that is when the egg is mature and the entire intimate region is ready to receive the sperm, increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Having sex, without a condom or any other barrier method, during the days when the vulva is wet and slippery should result in pregnancy.

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