How to Calculate the Fertile Period in Irregular Menstruation

Although it is a little more difficult to know exactly when the fertile period is in women who have irregular periods, it is possible to have an idea of ​​what the most fertile days of the month may be, taking into account the last 3 menstrual cycles.

For this, it is important that the woman write down the day of each cycle in which menstruation occurred, in order to know when the cycle had days, in order to calculate the most fertile days.

How to protect yourself

For those who have an irregular cycle, the best strategy to avoid unwanted pregnancies is to take the contraceptive pill that will regulate the days of flow, remembering to still use the condom in all relationships to also protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

Those trying to conceive can also try to buy ovulation tests at the pharmacy to be sure of the most fertile days and invest in intimate contact during these days. Another possibility is to have sex at least every 3 days throughout the month, especially on days when you can identify the signs of the fertile period, such as changes in temperature, the presence of mucus in the vagina and increased libido, for example.