How the infant uterus can interfere with pregnancy

A woman with an infant uterus can become pregnant if she has normal ovaries, as there is ovulation and, consequently, fertilization can happen. However, if the uterus is very small, the chances of miscarriage are high, since there is not enough space for the baby's development.

The infant uterus occurs due to changes in the production of hormones responsible for the development of female sexual organs, which causes the uterus to remain the same size as during childhood, in addition to other symptoms, such as delayed first menstruation and the absence of hair. pubic and armpit, for example. Know other symptoms of infant uterus.

Who has a child uterus can get pregnant?

Pregnancy in women who have an infant uterus is difficult, since the uterus is small, and there is not enough space for the development of the fetus.

When the uterus is small and ovulation occurs normally, there is a possibility of fertilization, however the chances of spontaneous abortion are great, as there is not enough space for the baby's development.

When the ovaries also do not develop correctly, with no ovulation, pregnancy is only possible through assisted reproduction techniques, however there are risks due to the little space in the uterus for the growth of the fetus.

Treatment for infant uterus in pregnancy

Treatment for child uterus during pregnancy should be done before trying to get pregnant with the use of hormonal remedies that should be used according to the gynecologist's guidance and that facilitate ovulation and promote an increase in the size of the uterus, preparing you to receive the fetus.

Thus, any patient with a child uterus who wishes to become pregnant must be accompanied by an obstetrician or gynecologist to carry out the treatment and achieve greater chances of pregnancy without complications.