How is the treatment for the infant uterus

Treatment for infant uterus is done according to the recommendation of the gynecologist and consists of the use of hormone-based drugs to stimulate the growth of the uterus and establish the normal functions of Organs female organs.

The infant uterus is a condition in which the woman's uterus does not develop properly, remaining with the dimensions of childhood when the woman reaches adulthood. The infant uterus is usually identified, most of the time, when the woman has a delay in her first menstruation, and imaging tests are indicated to investigate the cause of the delay.

How is the treatment for infant uterus

Treatment for infant uterus should be started as soon as the disease is identified and it is important that the woman has regular gynecological monitoring. The treatment aims to stimulate the development of the uterus and, consequently, the production of hormones, which can favor ovulation.

Thus, the treatment for infant uterus is made with hormone-based drugs to stimulate the correct development of the female reproductive organs and the normalization of their functions. With the use of medicines it is also possible to have the eggs released monthly, allowing the reproductive cycle to occur.

In addition, due to an enlarged uterus and menstrual cycle, women who have been diagnosed with an infant uterus can become pregnant, as long as they perform the treatment correctly and follow the gynecologist's instructions. Despite uterine growth, in some cases the uterus is less than normal in size.

In the case of women who wish to become pregnant, it is recommended that treatment be started earlier, as this allows a greater chance for an increase in the uterus and normalization of hormone levels, allowing pregnancy to happen.

How to identify

In order to diagnose a child's uterus, the gynecologist recommends performing abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound to check the size of the uterus. In addition, sex hormones are measured and related to the menstrual cycle, estrogen and progesterone.

The doctor should also be on the lookout for signs that may be indicative of a child's uterus, such as delayed or absent first menstruation, difficulty getting pregnant or miscarriages, and landing development of the female breasts and genitals.

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