Drinking too much coffee can make pregnancy difficult

    Women who drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day may find it more difficult to conceive. This can happen because the consumption of more than 300 mg of caffeine per day can lead to the absence of movement of the muscles that take the egg to the uterus, making pregnancy difficult. In addition, when consumed in excess, coffee can cause an overdose of caffeine, learn more by clicking here.

    As the egg does not move alone, it is necessary that these muscles located in the inner layer of the fallopian tubes contract involuntarily and take it there starting the pregnancy and, therefore, those who wish to become pregnant should avoid consuming rich foods in caffeine, such as coffee, coca-cola; black tea and chocolate.

    However, caffeine does not harm male fertility at all. In men, their consumption increases the mobility of sperm and this factor can even make them more fertile.

    Amount of caffeine in food

    Drink / FoodAmount of caffeine
    1 cup of strained coffee25 to 50 mg
    1 cup of espresso50 to 80 mg
    1 cup of instant coffee60 to 70 mg
    1 cup of cappuccino80 to 100 mg
    1 cup of strained tea30 to 100 mg
    1 bar of 60 g milk chocolate50 mg

    The amount of caffeine may vary slightly depending on the brand of the product.