Benefits of using the Continuous Pill and other common questions

The pills of continuous use, are those like Cerazette, which are taken daily, without a break period, which makes the woman not have menstruation. Other names are Micronor, Yaz 24 + 4, Adoless, Gestinol and Elani 28.

There are other contraceptive methods for continuous use, such as the subcutaneous implant, called Implanon, or the hormonal IUD, called Mirena, which in addition to preventing pregnancy, also prevent menstruation from occurring and, for this reason, are called contraceptive use method. continuous.

Main benefits

The use of the continuous use pill has the following benefits:

  • Avoid unwanted pregnancy;
  • There is no menstruation, which can contribute to the treatment of iron deficiency anemia;
  • Not having major hormonal changes, so there is no PMS;
  • Avoid the discomfort of colic, migraine and indisposition that occur during the menstrual period;
  • It has a lower hormonal concentration, although its contraceptive efficacy is maintained;
  • It is best indicated for cases of fibroid or endometriosis;
  • As it is taken daily, every day of the month, it is easier to remember to take the pill daily.

The main disadvantage is that there may be a small loss of blood sporadically during the month, a situation called escape, which happens mainly in the first 3 months of using this contraceptive.

Most common questions

1. Does the continuous use pill make you fat?

Certain pills of continuous use have the side effect of bloating and weight gain, however, this does not affect all women and may be more evident in one than in another. If you see the body more swollen, even if the weight does not increase on the scale, there is a possibility that it is just swelling, which can be caused by the contraceptive, in which case just stop taking the pill to deflate.

2. Is it okay to take the pill straight away?

The pill of continuous use is not harmful to health and can be used for a long period of time, without interruption and there is no scientific evidence that it can cause any harm to health. It also does not interfere with fertility and so when a woman wants to become pregnant, just stop taking it.

3. What is the price of the continuous use pill?

The price of the Cerazette continuous use pill is approximately 25 reais. The price of Implanon and Mirena is approximately 600 reais, depending on the region.

4. Can I take the 21 or 24 day pills straight away?

No. The only pills that can be used every day of the month are those for continuous use, which are the ones that have 28 pills per pack. So when the pack is finished, the woman must start a new pack the next day.

5. Can I get pregnant if there are escapes during the month?

No, as long as the woman takes the pill daily at the correct time, contraception is maintained even if bleeding is escaped.