Fertility and Birth Control

What does low belly mean in pregnancy?

The low belly in pregnancy is more common during the third trimester, as a consequence of the increase in the size of the baby. In most cases, the lower belly during pregnancy is normal and may be

What can be prolonged menstruation and what to do

When menstruation lasts more than 8 days, it can be a sign that the woman has some alteration in her reproductive system. In this case, continuous blood loss can lead to symptoms such as weakness,

What can cause heavy menstrual flow and what to do

Intense menstrual flow is normal as early as the first two days of the menstrual period, weakening as the period passes. However, when the flow remains intense throughout the menstrual period,

5 reasons for a false negative pregnancy test

The result of the pharmacy pregnancy test is generally quite reliable, as long as it is done according to the instructions on the package and at the right time, that is, from the 1st day of

When to get pregnant after curettage

The length of time you need to wait to get pregnant after a curettage varies depending on your type. There are 2 types of curettage: abortion and semiotics, which have different recovery times.

How to calculate the fertile period

To calculate the fertile period it is necessary to consider that ovulation always happens in the middle of the cycle, that is, around the 14th day of a regular cycle of 28 days. To identify

How to use the tablet to not get pregnant

In order to use the table to avoid becoming pregnant, it is important to pay attention to the fertile period and avoid having sex during this period, as it is possible to decrease the likelihood

How to use the tablet to get pregnant

The tablet is a method that helps to get pregnant faster, as it helps to find out when is the fertile period, which is the period in which ovulation occurs and the egg is more likely to be

Fertile period in the case of polycystic ovaries

It is normal for the menstrual cycle and, consequently, the woman's fertile period, to be altered due to the presence of cysts in the ovary, since there is a change in hormone levels, which makes

Who takes birth control pills has a fertile period?

Whoever takes contraceptives, every day, always at the same time, has no fertile period and, therefore, does not ovulate, decreasing the chance of becoming pregnant, because, as there is no mature

Ovulation calculator: know when you're ovulating

Ovulation is the name given to the moment when the egg is released by the ovary and reaches the fallopian tubes, being ready to be fertilized by the sperm and start the pregnancy. Ovulation

How to stop menstruation safely

There are 3 possibilities to stop menstruation for a period: Take the medicine Primosiston; Amend the contraceptive pill; Use the hormone IUD. However, it is

Dark menstruation: 6 causes and when to worry

Generally, dark menstruation and a small amount is normal and does not indicate any health problem, especially if it appears at the beginning or end of menstruation. However, when this type of

Male contraceptives: what options are there?

The most used male contraceptive methods are vasectomy and condoms, which prevent sperm from reaching the egg and generating a pregnancy. Among these methods, the condom is the most popular

Foods to increase the fertility of men and women

Foods that increase fertility are those that help produce sex hormones and stimulate the formation of eggs and sperm, such as foods rich in zinc, vitamin B6, fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 and vitamin

6 signs that can indicate the fertile period

It is possible to know when is the fertile period through the days of menstruation and the symptoms that the woman presents at this stage of the month, such as increased vaginal secretion and

Syntothermic contraceptive method

The sympothermic method, is one of the many contraceptive methods of the rhythm, which is based on changes in the woman's menstrual cycle and depends on abstinence from sexual intercourse during a

How the uterine polyp can interfere with pregnancy

The presence of uterine polyps, especially in the case of being more than 2.0 cm, can hinder pregnancy and increase the risk of miscarriage, in addition to representing a risk for the woman and

Is it possible to get pregnant using a condom?

Although it is relatively rare, it is possible to get pregnant using a condom, especially due to the mistakes that are made during its use, such as not taking the air out of the tip of the condom,

7 situations that cut the contraceptive effect

Taking certain antibiotics, having Crohn's disease, having diarrhea or taking certain teas can cut or decrease the effectiveness of the birth control pill, with a higher risk of

Tests to assess male and female fertility

Infertility tests must be performed by both men and women, since changes that can interfere with reproductive capacity can happen in both. There are tests that must be performed by both, such as a

Is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation?

Although it is rare, it is possible to become pregnant when you are menstruating and have an unprotected relationship, especially when you have an irregular menstrual cycle or when the cycle is

How to choose the best contraceptive method

In order to choose the best contraceptive method, it is important to consult the gynecologist to discuss the various options and choose the most suitable one. Learn how to take the

What to do if you have difficulty getting pregnant

Infertility may be related to characteristics of women, men or both, which contribute to the difficulty in implanting the embryo in the uterus, initiating pregnancy. In case of difficulty in

Infant Uterus: what it is, symptoms and treatment

The infant uterus, also known as hypoplastic uterus or hypotrophic hypogonadism, is a congenital malformation in which the uterus does not fully develop during a woman's life, maintaining the same

5 Natural remedies to increase the amount of sperm

Supplements of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, tribulus terrestris and Indian Ginseng can be indicated to increase the production and quality of sperm. These can be found in pharmacies and drugstores

Is there a cure for endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic disease of the female reproductive system that has no cure, but that can be controlled through an appropriate treatment and well guided by a gynecologist. Thus, as long

How is the treatment for the infant uterus

Treatment for infant uterus is done according to the recommendation of the gynecologist and consists of the use of hormone-based drugs to stimulate the growth of the uterus and establish the

What are the most fertile days to get pregnant

The best days to get pregnant are the days of the fertile period, which corresponds to exactly in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This period, although easier to find in women who have regular

Causes of recurrent abortion

Repetitive abortion is defined as the occurrence of three or more consecutive involuntary interruptions of pregnancy before the 22nd week of pregnancy, whose risk of occurring is greater in the

Quarterly contraceptive injection

The quarterly contraceptive injection has a progestin in its composition, which acts by inhibiting ovulation and increasing the viscosity of the cervical mucus, making the passage of sperm

Why didn't my period come?

Missing menstruation does not always mean pregnancy. It can also happen due to hormonal changes such as not taking the pill or excessive stress or even due to situations such as intense physical

What is fertile period

The female fertile period is the ideal time for a woman to become pregnant. This period lasts approximately 6 days, and is the stage of the month when fertilization is most likely to occur, as

10 Common menstrual changes

Common changes in menstruation may be related to the frequency, duration or amount of bleeding that occurs during menstruation. Normally, menstruation descends once a month, with an average

Tests to do before trying to get pregnant

Preparatory exams for pregnancy assess the history and general health status of both women and men, with the aim of planning a healthy pregnancy, helping the future baby to be born as healthy as

Is it possible to get pregnant with an IUD?

It is possible to get pregnant with an IUD, but it is very rare and it happens mainly when he is out of the correct position, which can cause an ectopic pregnancy. Thus, it is recommended

Remedies that cut the contraceptive effect

Some drugs can cut or lessen the effect of the pill, as they decrease the hormonal concentration in the woman's bloodstream, increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Check out a list of

What is Late Ovulation

Late ovulation is considered an ovulation that occurs after the expected period, after the 21st of the menstrual cycle, delaying menstruation, even in women who usually have a regular menstrual

What to eat to get pregnant

Improving nutrition helps the body prepare for pregnancy. The woman who intends to become pregnant should eat foods rich in vitamin E, B6, zinc and omega 3. The food to get pregnant faster

What to do if you forget to take Ciclo 21

When you forget to take Cycle 21, the contraceptive effect of the pill may be diminished, especially when more than one pill is forgotten, or when the delay in taking the medication exceeds 12

How many days does the fertile period last?

The fertile period lasts about 6 days and usually happens between 10 to 14 days after the first day of menstruation, in women who have a 28-day menstrual cycle, which is considered

How the infant uterus can interfere with pregnancy

A woman with an infant uterus can become pregnant if she has normal ovaries, as there is ovulation and, consequently, fertilization can happen. However, if the uterus is very small, the chances of

Tests to assess male fertility

Male fertility can be verified through laboratory tests that aim to verify the sperm production capacity and its characteristics, such as shape and motility. In addition to ordering the

Side effects of the morning after pill

The morning after pill serves to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and can cause some side effects such as irregular menstruation, tiredness, headache, abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea and

What to do to stimulate ovulation

Ovulation corresponds to the moment when the egg is released by the ovary and becomes mature, allowing fertilization by the sperm and thus beginning the pregnancy. Learn all about

Best remedies for getting pregnant

Pregnancy medications, such as Clomid and Gonadotropin, may be indicated by a gynecologist or urologist specializing in fertility when the man or woman has some difficulty getting pregnant due to

Main causes of irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is characterized by menstrual cycles that do not follow a similar rhythm every month, making it difficult to detect the fertile period and the best period to get pregnant.

How is Menstruation after Childbirth

Menstruation after the baby is born can take about 2 months to 1 year to come, depending on whether the woman breastfeeds or not. For women who breastfeed exclusively, menstruation can come only

Antibiotic cuts the effect of contraceptives?

The idea has long been that antibiotics cut the contraceptive pill's effect, which has prompted many women to be alerted by health professionals, advising them to use condoms during

Can diabetes cause infertility?

In men, Diabetes can cause male sexual impotence, which consists of the difficulty or inability to have or maintain an erection of the penis in at least 50% of attempts to have sexual contact.

Understand what Fertilization is

Fertilization or fertilization is the name given when the sperm is able to penetrate the mature egg giving rise to new life. Fertilization can be achieved naturally through intimate contact

What to Do to Increase Women's Fertility

To increase the chances of getting pregnant, women should choose a healthy lifestyle, eating properly, leaving addictions and practicing some type of physical activity, as the female fertility

What to do if you forget to take Diane 35

When you forget to take Diane 35, the contraceptive effect of the pill may be diminished, especially if forgetting occurs in the first week of the pack, there is a risk of pregnancy if there was

Uterine tube problems

Problems in the uterine tubes can make pregnancy difficult and therefore they should be investigated if the couple is unable to conceive naturally after at least 1 year of trying. Problems in the

What to do if you forget to take Cerazette

When you forget to take Cerazette, the contraceptive effect of the pill may be diminished and the risk of becoming pregnant increases, especially when it occurs in the first week or more than one

What to do if you forget to take Yaz

In case the woman forgets to take the oral contraceptive Yaz, its protective effect may decrease, especially in the first week of the pack. Therefore, it is important to use another