Type B Blood Diet

    According to studies, the type B blood diet is the one that most benefits from a diet rich in dairy products, although you should avoid eating ice cream prepared with milk.

    Other beneficial and neutral foods are:

    Beef, mutton, rabbit, venison, turkey, veal, tuna, squid, salmon, cod, sardine, pineapple, banana, mozzarella, milk and its derivatives, plum, grape, parsley, saffron, pepper, ginger, sage, carrot , sweet potatoes, beets, yams, mushrooms, spinach, granola, white wine, black tea, mint, chamomile, celery, orange, pear, raisins.

    Foods to avoid:

    Chicken, duck, pork, ham, melted cheese, and roquefort, coconut, cinnamon, cornstarch, distilled drinks, soft drinks, green corn, tomatoes, persimmons, star fruit.

    A good way to lose weight is to eliminate harmful foods from your daily routine and increase the amount of consumption of beneficial foods. This is also a good way to be healthier.