Know the right amount of fiber to consume per day

    The right amount of fiber to consume each day should be between 20 and 40 g to regulate bowel function, decrease constipation, fight diseases such as high cholesterol, and help prevent bowel cancer.

    However, to reduce constipation, it is necessary, in addition to consuming foods rich in fiber, to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day to facilitate the elimination of feces. Fiber also helps to decrease appetite, so eating a diet rich in fiber also helps you lose weight.

    To find out what to eat on a high fiber diet see: High fiber diet.

    To ingest the recommended amount of fiber per day, it is necessary to eat a diet rich in fruits, such as passion fruit, vegetables, such as cabbage, dried fruits, such as almonds and legumes, such as peas. Here's an example to find out what foods to add to your diet that provide the proper amount of fiber in a day:

    FoodsFiber amount
    50 g of cerealAll Bran15 g
    1 pear in shell2.8 g
    100 g of broccoli3.5 g
    50 g of shelled almonds4.4 g
    1 apple with peel2.0 g
    50 g of peas2.4 g
    TOTAL30.1 g

    Another option to achieve the daily fiber recommendations is to eat a 1-day diet, for example: juice of 3 passion fruit throughout the day + 50 g of cabbage for lunch with 1 guava for dessert + 50 g of black-eyed beans for dinner.

    In addition, to enrich the diet with fiber you can also use Benefiber, a fiber-rich powder that can be bought at the pharmacy and can be mixed in water or juice.

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