Diet for the heart

The heart diet is rich in fruits, vegetables and vegetables, which are foods with antioxidants and fibers that help to lower fats in the blood, improving cardiovascular health. However, this diet should be low in fats, salt and alcoholic beverages because these foods increase blood fat and pressure, impairing heart health.

In addition to fruits, vegetables and vegetables are also recommended for heart food. Whole grains, which are rich in fiber, as well as fish and dried fruits such as nuts, because they are rich in omega 3 which help in the health of the arteries, are also indicated.

Diet for healthy heart

In a healthy heart diet you should:

  • avoid foods rich in fat and salt, such as processed and pre-prepared products;
  • exclude fried foods and other preparations that use a lot of fats;
  • eliminate salt from cooking, and aromatic herbs, olive oil, garlic and wine can always be used to season;
  • do not drink alcoholic beverages, but can be used to season lean meats and fish because alcohol evaporates when food is heated.

In addition to diet, it is important for heart health to control pressure, practice physical activity, such as a 30-minute walk every day, and have an appropriate weight for height and age.

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