Diet for couples to lose weight together

To make the diet easier, involving your boyfriend, husband or partner usually makes it a lot easier when choosing healthy foods when eating, when shopping at the supermarket and restaurants, for example, in addition to to bring more motivation to practice physical activity.

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Thinking about it, the Brazilian nutritionist Patricia Haiat wrote the book Dieta dos Casais to encourage healthy life in the couple, in which she indicates tips, recipes and an eating plan to be followed by 2, which is divided into the 3 phases shown below.

Phase 1: Discovery

This phase lasts 7 days and is the beginning of the break from the previous routine, in which the consumption of harmful foods occurred, which will be replaced by a diet with foods that are beneficial for the body, with the main objective of detoxifying the body.

  • What to eat: all kinds of fruits, vegetables and vegetable proteins, such as soy, lentils, beans, chickpeas, corn and peas.
  • What not to eat: red meat, white meat, fish, fish, seafood, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurts, refined grains and flours, gluten-free foods, alcoholic beverages, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Phase 2: Commitment

This phase lasts at least 7 days, but must be followed until the goal of weight loss is reached, with moderate consumption of foods with gluten and milk and dairy products being allowed.

  • What to eat: Monday to Wednesday, only vegetable proteins, such as soy, lentils, beans, chickpeas, corn and peas. From Thursday to Sunday, lean proteins of animal origin, such as red and white meat and fish.
  • What not to eat: sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy products in excess.

Phase 3: Loyalty

This phase has no duration, as it is when healthy eating habits must be maintained, being allowed to consume all foods in a moderate way.

  • What to eat: meats, fish, legumes such as beans, soybeans, chickpeas and lentils, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams and other carbohydrate sources, preferably whole grains, such as flour, rice and wholegrain pasta.
  • What not to eat: foods with a high white sugar content, such as sweets, cakes and desserts, white flour, white rice, frozen frozen food, powdered soup and frying.

Although the book was written focused on the couple's weight loss, the same diet can be followed by the whole family or by groups of friends from work or classes who also want to lose weight, as group weight loss is faster and more effective .

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