5 foods you should never eat

The 5 types of food that you should never eat are those rich in processed fats, sugar, salt, additives such as dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers, because they are harmful substances for the body and are associated with the appearance of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cancer.

These foods can be replaced by healthier versions, with roasted or grilled preparations that contain good fats with olive oil and coconut oil, whole flours and natural sweeteners such as stevia and xylitol.

Here are the 5 foods to avoid and how to replace them in your diet:

1. Fried foods in vegetable oils

Foods that are prepared in the form of frying end up being very rich in extra calories from fat, being unnecessary especially for those who want to lose weight. In addition, excessive consumption of refined vegetable oils can harm health, such as soybean, canola and corn oils, for example. Know the dangers of frying oils.

Healthy Alternative

To replace, you can use grilled or roasted preparations in the oven or in electric fryers that do not need oil to prepare the food. Thus, the calories consumed and oil consumption are greatly reduced.

2. Processed and processed meats

Processed or processed meats such as sausage, sausage, ham, turkey breast and bologna are rich in bad fats, salt, preservatives and flavor enhancers, which are proven to increase the risk of problems such as high blood pressure and bowel cancer, for example.

Healthy Alternative

As an alternative, you should exchange the sausages for fresh or frozen meats of all types, such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish. In addition, you can also consume eggs and cheese to increase snacks and protein preparations.

3. Frozen ready food

Frozen ready-made food, such as lasagna, pizza and yakissoba, are often rich in salt and bad fats, elements that help to conserve food and give it more flavor, but that end up causing problems such as fluid retention and increased blood pressure.

Healthy Alternative

The best alternative is to prepare your own meals at home and freeze them for use during the week. It is easy to have shredded chicken or ground beef frozen in small portions, for example, and it is also possible to freeze foods such as breads, fruits and vegetables.

4. Diced seasoning and soy sauces

Seasonings of meat, chicken or diced vegetables and sauces such as soy and English, are very rich in sodium, the salt compound that causes high blood pressure. In addition, many have flavor enhancers and preservatives that irritate the gut and cause flavor dependence.

Healthy Alternative

Seasoning foods with natural herbs and salt is the best alternative, being easy to use these herbs both in natura and in dehydrated form. It is also possible to enjoy the broth from cooking chicken or meat prepared with natural herbs, and freeze the broth in ice cubes. Learn how to use aromatic herbs.

5. Soft drinks

5 alimentos que vocĂȘ nunca deve comer

Soft drinks are sugar-rich drinks, additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers that increase the risk of bowel problems, inflammation, high blood sugar, obesity and diabetes. Understand why soft drinks are bad.

Healthy Alternative

Alternatively, you can use sparkling water, ice and lemon, or mix sparkling water with concentrated juices such as whole grape juice. Natural juices without sugar are also good alternatives, but fresh fruits are always the best options.

Watch the following video and see more healthy food options and their health benefits: