How is it and what does the baby with 10 months

The 10-month-old baby starts to want to eat the food with his fingers and already eats some food like cookies alone because he can hold it well with little fingers. The baby's reasoning is more

How to calculate your child's height

The child's height prediction can be estimated using a simple mathematical equation, using a calculation based on the height of the mother and father, and taking into account the child's

What is the ideal weight of the boy for each age

The boy's ideal weight varies with age and height, and should be checked monthly by a pediatrician during the first year of life, as too low or too high a weight can impair his development and

What does the baby with 6 months

The 6-month-old baby likes people to notice him and calls his parents to be with him. He turns towards the caller, strangers strangers, and stops crying when he hears music. At this stage, the

Low weight baby care

In order to care for the baby with low weight, it is important to feed him correctly and maintain his body temperature stable since, normally, he is a more fragile baby, who is at greater risk of

How to help baby crawl faster

The baby usually starts to crawl between 6 and 10 months, because in this phase he can already lie on his stomach with his head held high and he already has enough strength in his shoulders and

What is Parasite Twin and why it happens

The parasitic twin, also called fetus in fetu corresponds to the presence of a fetus within another that has normal development, usually within the abdominal or retoperineal cavity. The

How to Relieve the Pain of Baby Teeth Birth

It is normal for the baby to feel uncomfortable and become irritated and sulky when the teeth start to be born, which usually happens from the sixth month of life. To alleviate the pain of

How To Help Your Baby Sit Alone

The baby usually starts trying to sit at around 4 months, but can only sit without support, standing still and alone when he is about 6 months old. However, through exercises and strategies

What Development Delay means and what to do

The delay in neuropsychomotor development happens when the baby does not start to sit, crawl, walk or speak, at a predetermined stage, like other babies of the same age. This term is used by the

What does the 2-month-old baby do

The 2-month-old baby is already more active than the newborn, however, he still interacts little and sleeps more than 15 hours a day. Some may be slightly agitated, tense, lightly sleepy and do

What does the baby with 5 months

The 5-month-old baby already raises his arms to be taken out of the crib or to go to anyone's lap, reacts when someone wants to remove his toy, recognizes the expressions of fear, displeasure and

How to teach baby to walk faster

The baby can start walking at around 9 months of age, but the most common is for the child to start walking at the age of 1, however, it is normal for the baby to take up to 18 months to walk

How to take a baby's pacifier

To take the baby's pacifier, parents need to adopt strategies such as explaining to the child that he is already big and no longer needs the pacifier, encouraging him to throw it out in the trash

7 tips to help your child or teenager lose weight

To help your child lose weight, it is important to reduce the amount of sweets and fat in their food and, at the same time, increase the amount of daily fruits and vegetables. Children lose more

Baby development at 8 months

The 8-month-old baby is already able to understand what is happening around them, they like attention, which they usually do by shouting, and their greatest fun is trying to stand, which they can

Baby's psychological development

The latest knowledge of the baby's psychological development reveals that children are "marked" before birth by the experiences experienced during pregnancy. The behavior of the mother and

What does the baby with 1 year

The 1 year old baby is a child with a lot of energy and enthusiasm who learns through curiosity, imitation and exploration of the environment. The more she is stimulated to speak, move and

Baby Development at 9 months

The 9-month-old baby should be almost walking and begins to notice many of the things that parents say. His memory is getting more developed and he starts to want to eat alone, making a lot of

Baby development at 18 months

The baby at 18 months is quite agitated and likes to play with other children. Those who started walking early already completely master this art and can jump on one foot, run and climb and

Baby Development at 12 months

The 1 year old baby starts to be more independent and wants to discover everything on his own. He starts to sing, laugh and talk more and more. From this stage on, the weight gain will be smaller

2 year old baby development

From the age of 24 months, the child already realizes that he is someone and starts to have some notion of ownership, but does not know how to express his feelings, desires and

Newborn baby sleeping

The sleep of the newborn baby, in the first month, is usually calm and lasts about 16 to 17 hours a day. Usually, the baby wakes up because he is hungry or his diaper is dirty, however, if this

How to Identify and Treat Leigh Syndrome

Leigh's syndrome is a rare genetic disease that causes progressive destruction of the central nervous system, thus affecting the brain, spinal cord or optic nerve, for example. Generally,

What makes a newborn baby

The newborn baby can already see well at a distance of approximately 20 cm, can smell and taste after birth. The newborn can see well up to a distance of 15 to 20 cm from the first days, so

How is it and what does the baby with 8 months

The 8-month-old baby is already preparing to walk and is beginning to understand what is happening around him, as he already responds when they call his name and move very well. He misses

Play to encourage baby to talk

To help your baby speak, include him whenever possible in family conversations, because listening to people talking also helps the baby learn many words. Although small babies cannot say the

Baby development at 7 months

In the development of the 7-month-old baby, it is likely that he will already be able to voluntarily crawl, crawl or roll towards a distant object, and pass the objects from one hand to another

Baby development at 4 months

In the development of the 4-month-old baby, it is expected that he will already be able to recognize people and continue to be more interested in them than in objects. However, at this age the

Baby development at 5 months

In the development of the 5-month-old baby, it is expected that he will already be able to change the hand toys. It is also expected that the 5-month-old baby will already be able

Baby development at 10 months

In the development of the 10-month-old baby, he is expected to use his index finger to explore his world, as well as: Stand while holding the crib rail; Clap hands; Hold

Baby growth in the first year

The growth of the baby in the first year of life undergoes many changes and evolves from month to month. In the first three months, the breastfed baby increases by about 700-800 g per month

Baby sleep at 6 months

The baby's sleep at 6 months is restful, since at this age he can sleep about 11 hours a night, without the need to be fed in the middle of the night. The 6-month-old baby should take 2

The ideal weight of the girl for each age

The girl's ideal weight varies with age and should be checked monthly by the pediatrician during the first year of life, as too low or too high a weight can impair the child's development and

How to teach baby to pee in the toilet

To encourage the child to pee and poop in the bathroom and stop using the diaper, it is important that some strategies are adopted to help the child get used to the idea of ​​using the pot or

What does the Baby with 1 month

The 1-month-old baby already shows signs of satisfaction in the bath, reacts to discomfort, wakes up to eat, cries when he is hungry and is already able to pick up an object with his

How is and what does the baby with 11 months

The 11-month-old baby starts showing his personality, likes to eat alone, crawls where he wants to go, walks with help, is happy when he has visitors and understands simple orders like: "Bring