What is bottle caries and how to treat

Bottle caries is an infection that occurs in children as a result of frequent consumption of sugary drinks and poor oral hygiene habits, which favors the proliferation of microorganisms and,

How to brush a bedridden person's teeth

Brushing the teeth of a bedridden person and knowing the correct technique to do so, in addition to facilitating the caregiver's work, is also very important to prevent the development of cavities

Denture: when to put, main types and cleaning

The use of dentures is generally recommended when there are not enough teeth in the mouth to allow eating or speaking without a problem, but they can also be used only for the sake of aesthetics,

3 homemade ways to stop bad breath

A good home treatment for bad breath consists of properly cleaning the tongue and the inside of the cheeks whenever you brush your teeth, because these places accumulate bacteria that cause

3 main remedies to relieve toothache

Toothache remedies help to relieve local pain and inflammation and, therefore, in most cases they can be a definitive solution, especially during the wisdom teeth birth, without having to consult

How to floss correctly

Flossing is important to remove food scraps that could not be removed through normal brushing, helping to prevent the formation of plaque and tartar and decreasing the risk of cavities and

How to brush your teeth correctly in 5 steps

To avoid the development of cavities and plaque on the teeth it is essential to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, one of which should always be before bed, as during the night there is a

How to identify and prevent tooth tartar

Tartar corresponds to the calcification of the bacterial plaque that covers the teeth and part of the gums, forming a calcified and yellowish plaque and which, if left untreated, can lead to the

How to prevent child caries

The appearance of child caries can vary from child to child, because it depends on your eating habits and oral hygiene. Thus, children who eat a diet rich in sugar and who do not brush their teeth

What to do for dentist anesthesia to pass faster

The secret to making the dentist's anesthesia go faster is to increase blood circulation in the mouth area, which can be done with simple and quick tricks. You can use techniques such as

Spots on the tongue: what can be and what to do

The appearance of spots on the tongue are usually related to poor oral hygiene habits, which can result in dark or white spots, for example, in the latter situation also being able to be

What can be pus in the gum

Pus in the gums usually appears as a result of an infection, and can be a sign of a disease or dental condition, such as a cavity, a gingivitis or an abscess, for example, which should be treated

What is lingual saburra, main causes and treatment

The lingual coating, popularly known as white tongue or savory tongue, is a common situation that happens mainly due to the lack of hygiene or incorrect care of the tongue, which leads to the

What is the language scraper for and how to use it

The tongue scraper is an instrument used to remove the whitish plaque accumulated on the surface of the tongue, known as the tongue coating. The use of this instrument can help to reduce the

What is lichen planus in the mouth and how to treat

Lichen planus in the mouth, also known as oral lichen planus, is a chronic inflammation of the inner lining of the mouth that causes very painful white or reddish lesions to appear, similar to

Bleeding gums: what can be and what to do

Gum bleeding can be a sign of gum disease or another health problem, which should be treated as soon as possible. However, when bleeding is occasional, it may be due to brushing your teeth too

Treatment for mouth cancer

Treatment for cancer in the mouth can be done through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or targeted therapy, depending on the location of the tumor, the severity of the disease and whether the

Bruxism: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Bruxism is characterized by the unconscious act of grinding or gritting your teeth constantly. This disorder can happen both during the day and during the night, becoming known as nocturnal

Periodontitis: what it is, symptoms and treatment

Periodontitis is a dental condition characterized by excessive proliferation of bacteria that generates inflammation in the gums and, over time, results in the destruction of the tissue that

How to Treat Toothache in Pregnancy

Toothache is relatively frequent in pregnancy and can appear suddenly and last for hours or days, affecting the tooth, the jaw and even causing head and ear pain, when the pain is very severe. It

Treatment for Gingivitis

The treatment for gingivitis must be done at the dentist's office and involves the removal of bacterial plaques and hygiene of the mouth. At home, it is also possible to treat gingivitis, and

Types of orthodontic appliance and how long to use

The orthodontic appliance is used to correct crooked and misaligned teeth, correct crossbite and prevent dental occlusion, which is when the upper and lower teeth touch when closing the mouth.

4 steps to eliminate bad breath permanently

To eliminate bad breath once and for all you should eat easily digestible foods, such as raw salads, keep your mouth always moist, in addition to maintaining good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth

Symptoms and how to treat gingivitis in pregnancy

Gingivitis, characterized by inflammation and bleeding gums when brushing teeth, is a very common situation during pregnancy, especially due to hormonal changes that happen after the second month

Home Treatment for Gingivitis

A great home treatment for gingivitis is, after brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine solution diluted in water, as a substitute for mouthwashes like

What can cause gum blisters and what to do

The appearance of a blister on the gums is usually indicative of infection, and it is important to go to the dentist to identify the cause and initiate appropriate treatment, which corresponds to

Cold sore remedies and home options

The remedies indicated for the treatment of canker sores are intended to help decrease pain, facilitate the healing process and eliminate the bacteria that develop in the wound, which can appear

What to do when the tooth is broken

A broken tooth usually causes toothache, infections, changes in chewing and even problems in the jaw, and should therefore always be evaluated by a dentist. The tooth breaks or becomes

What is Dental Fistula and How to Treat

The dental fistula corresponds to small bubbles that may appear in the mouth due to the body's attempt to resolve an infection. Thus, the presence of dental fistulas indicates that the body was

What is Cepacol for and how to use

Cepacol is a mouthwash that has the active substance Cetylpyridinium. This oral solution is indicated to complement oral hygiene as it eliminates bacteria and germs from the mouth, reducing

Treatment for periodontitis

Most cases of periodontitis are curable, but their treatment varies according to the degree of evolution of the disease, and can be done through surgery or less invasive techniques, such as

What is a diastema and how is it treated?

Diastema corresponds to the space between two or more teeth, usually between the two upper front teeth, which can happen due to the size difference between the teeth or the fact that the tooth has

What can be tooth sensitivity and how to treat

Sensitivity in the teeth happens when there is some kind of wear of the tooth enamel, exposing the dentin, which is an inner layer that surrounds the nerves of the teeth. Exposure of sensitive

Treatment for swollen gums

The treatment for swollen gums depends on its cause and, therefore, the person with this symptom should consult a dentist to make the diagnosis and start the appropriate treatment, it is essential

5 reasons not to use toothpick on teeth

The toothpick is a wooden accessory that has been used for many years to remove pieces of food from the middle of the teeth, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and the development of

Symptoms of oral candidiasis

Symptoms of oral candidiasis are caused by the development of the fungus Candida albicans and include: Whitish layer in the mouth; Plates of a creamy substance in the

Tooth abscess: Causes, symptoms and treatment

A dental abscess or periapical abscess is a kind of pus-filled pouch caused by a bacterial infection, which can occur in different regions of the tooth. In addition, the abscess can also occur in

Dentigerous cyst - what it is and how it is done

The dentigerous cyst is one of the most frequent cysts in dentistry and occurs when there is an accumulation of fluid between the structures of unerupted tooth formation such as the tooth enamel

What is hyperdontia and how is treatment

Hyperdontia is a rare condition in which extra teeth appear in the mouth, which can happen in childhood, when the first teeth appear, or during adolescence, when the permanent dentition begins to

How to choose the best toothpaste

To choose the best toothpaste, it is important to note on the label the amount of fluoride it brings, which should be 1000 to 1500 ppm, an efficient amount to prevent cavities. In addition, after

What to do in case of cracked tooth

The cracked tooth appears when a crack or crack is formed in the tooth, which can be caused by overtightening the teeth, as in cases of bruxism, or by forcing the jaw by biting on a hard object,

How to treat tooth enamel hypoplasia

Dental enamel hypoplasia occurs when the body is unable to produce enough of the hard layer that protects the tooth, known as enamel, causing changes in color, small lines or even missing part of

Types of dental malocclusion and how to treat

Dental occlusion is the contact of the upper and lower teeth when closing the mouth. Under normal conditions, the upper teeth should slightly cover the lower teeth, that is, the upper dental arch

How root canal treatment is done

Root canal treatment is a type of dental treatment in which the dentist removes the pulp from the tooth, which is the tissue that is found on the inside. After removing the pulp, the dentist

How to know if it is Periodontitis

To find out if it is periodontitis, you should take into account the signs and symptoms presented and perform tests that can identify the health of the teeth and also the bone structure of the

What to do for coffee not stain your teeth

Drinking coffee, eating a piece of chocolate and drinking a glass of concentrated juice can cause your teeth to become dark or yellow, over time because the pigment in these foods changes the

How to identify and treat the displaced jaw

The displacement of the mandible happens when the condyle, which is a rounded part of the bone of the mandible, moves from its place in the temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ, and gets

7 simple tips to prevent gingivitis

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums, the main symptoms of which are swelling and redness of the gums, as well as bleeding and pain when chewing or brushing your teeth, for example. This